Discovery Channel special on Costa Concordia disaster planned

In a special scheduled to air this spring, Discovery Channel will dissect the events that led to the disaster on Jan. 13 in which the luxury cruise ship Costa Concordia ran aground just off Giglio Island mere hours after leaving port in Civitavecchia, outside of Rome. The ship ended up listing heavily to the starboard side. Eleven passengers are confirmed dead, and 23 are still missing, and in the months ahead, Discovery will be covering the engineering crews tasked with figuring out a way to salvage a shipping vessel larger than the Titanic. (UPDATE 1/21/12: The body of a woman was discovered aboard the ship, bringing the known death toll to 12, with 20 people still missing).

According to Discovery, this upcoming special will examine questions such as: What happened at the time of the accident? What role did Capt. Francesco Schettino play? How did the crew evacuate the ship? What are the mechanics of searching the site while safeguarding the waters against environmental damage? Will salvage teams even be able to save the ship and successfully dismantle its hull and frame?

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  1. Oops. We missed Discovery Special on “Cruise ship Disaster!” Do you have plans to air again? Thanks

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