Secret royals look for romance in TLC’s “Undercover Princes” and “Undercover Princesses”

Fairy tales and movies are full of stories about royals who disguise themselves as commoners and walk among the “little people,” sometimes finding love in the process. That romantic notion is the premise behind a couple of hit UK series making their American debuts on TLC — Undercover Princes and Undercover Princesses.

The two shows will follow three single princes and princesses from around the world as they go undercover as locals in the UK in hopes of finding their true love to take back to their kingdom. They hit bars and clubs, Internet dating sites, and even try speed dating. During this quest for romance, both sets of royals will ditch their usual fleets of servants and be forced to cook, clean and shop for themselves, along with – gasp! – working everyday jobs. The princesses will be sharing a house in Essex, known for its party scene, while the princes will live together in a Brighton townhouse.

Each series runs four episodes. Undercover Princes begins Jan. 31 at 10pm ET/PT; Undercover Princesses begins Feb. 28 at 10pm ET/PT. A one-hour update special will air March 27.

The princes include:

* Crown Prince Manvendra of Rajpipla — Coming from one of India’s richest royal families, he shocked the world by becoming the first Indian royal to come out as being gay.

* Prince Africa Zulu of Onkweni Royal House — From South Africa, he grew up in a traditional and conservative family, so he struggles with the liberal Brighton culture in which he finds himself for this series, as well as with Manvendra’s sexuality.

* Prince Remigius of Jaffna — From Sri Lanka, he was raised with a strict protocol in search of a queen to continue to royal line.

The princesses include:

* Princess Xenia of Saxony — From Germany, she is a well-known celebrity, with her sexy image constantly in the press.

* Princess Aaliya of Balasinor — From India, she comes from a family of arranged marriages, but herself has never dated nor had a boyfriend.

* Princess Sheillah of Buganda — From Buganda Kingdom, the largest and most powerful kingdom in Uganda, she is a pop star and one of the most famous women in her country.

TLC – Undercover Princes from TLC PR on Vimeo.


Credit: TLC

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