VOD Spotlight: “Courageous” shows importance of fathers in children’s lives

Sherwood Pictures, the production company that created the indie film hits Facing the Giants, and Fireproof, examines the challenges fathers face in Courageous. In the film, four law enforcement officers who dedicate their lives to keeping the streets of their town free of crime are unprepared to deal with their own children who are beginning to drift away from the family. When tragedy strikes, they all must decide if they can become the fathers they strive to be.

Courageous has been hailed as the Christian film company’s best movie to date — and one whose message is of utmost importance.

Today, more than 36 percent of children live without a father in their homes and only 60 percent of these have seen their biological fathers in the past year. While a father’s value may seem more abstract than the traditional caregiving role of mothers, fathers may help promote empathy and confidence in their children’s lives, help them avoid getting involved in gangs and, by good example, pattern how to be a good husband and father. In their absence, children could lose their focus and may give in to peer pressure and develop behavioral issues.

Courageous, with its PG-13 rating for violence and drug content, is grittier than the previous films, though in some respects, it still preaches to the choir. But even the most devout parents may have trouble articulating the message of this film to their children. In which case, this becomes ideal family fare.

“Courageous” is available starting Jan. 17 on Video On Demand. Check your cable system for availability.


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