New “Little People, Big World” special airs Jan. 22 on TLC

Zach Roloff — the only one of Matt and Amy Roloff‘s four offspring to share their dwarfism — gets the girl on an all-new Little People, Big World special set to debut this Sunday at 8pm ET on TLC.

And while I’m tickled pink about this new development as a near-obsessive LPBW fan, I’m also trying hard not to notice that this will be the third of four hourlong specials promised by the network — meaning that only one remains.

When the special episodes were announced last summer, the couple told The Hollywood Reporter that, “the response from the fans since Little People, Big World’s finale has been overwhelming, asking how we’re doing and what’s the latest with the kids.These specials are going to be a great opportunity to share our families’ updates with our fans from time to time through the year.”

October’s first installment addressed troubles in the Roloff’s marriage and saw Zach’s twin Jeremy fly the coop for college in California.

The second, which aired in December, was set during the holiday season but saw the festive time on the farm marred by Matt’s fears for his 50th birthday and what it meant for the things he has yet to accomplish.

This time around Zach must deal with outside influences on his relationship with a girl of normal stature who likes him just the way he is.

The docu-series series — which debuted in 2006 and promptly garnered a huge following with its honesty, charm and realistic family highs and lows —  launched a flood of other shows featuring little persons, and  was the first series to focus on a family made up of both little and average-sized members.

Photo and video: TLC


  1. just happing to run acroos the show today 2-19-12
    love the show cant beleave i missed some of the specials

  2. I wanted to buy the video to show my 18 year old graduating grandson how to handle some of these issues–it was very well done.

  3. Hi, I just wanted to say I love the Little People and was very saddened when the show ended. I just realized I missed the show that aired on Sunday and was replayed 2am this morning. You usually replay these shows over and over again but there are no other listings for this week. Can you please tell me if it is going to be replayed anymore or am I just out of luck.
    Thank You,
    Lori Appleby

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