Jennifer Lopez, Marc Anthony talk “Q’Viva! The Chosen” at TCA

Since October 2011, Jennifer Lopez, Marc Anthony and Jamie King have been traveling throughout the Americas in search of the most outstanding singers, musicians, dancers and amazing artists to be part of their passion project — ¡Q’Viva! The Chosen — which is set to debut on Univision Jan. 28 at 7pm ET/PT. The outcome of their search is a celebration of Latino culture, where the best artists are being brought back to the U.S. for a chance to be part of a live show that the network says will be the “greatest celebration of Latin music and performance.”

Lopez, Anothny and Jamie King took the stage at an early morning Univision press session at the Television Critics Association Press Tour (TCA) in Pasadena. The session was already running behind, when the superstars took the stage and were being questioned by Lourdes Stephen, co-host of the network’s Sal y Pimienta.

Lopez said of the 12-episode series: “It was our dream to show the world what Latin America talent is.”

The event, however, had an awkward moment when Stephen was interviewing the stars and a critic abruptly interrupted demanding that the roomful of inquiring TV critics were given the same opportunity, complaining that critics were  left with less than 7 minutes for their own questioning. Lopez and Anthony were clearly puzzled and weren’t quite sure how to handle the situation. Anthony asked that we all “settle down,” and it was then that critics were able to get  a couple questions in before Univision introduced several live acts associated with the show.

At the end of the live performance, Anthony raised his hand to Lopez and the two high-fived, clearly ecstatic over the talent and culture they represent. They were then escorted away, where Lopez when chased by a reporter said the talent ‘was just amazing and that was just a small taste of what they found.”

We stopped Stephen after the session to get her reaction: “I think it went really good. You can’t control how people are going to react like that – it is what it is, but then again we are professionals, we know what we are doing and we were going to give you what you wanted to hear. We were going to talk a lot more of what you saw there but were interrupted and that distracted us and that’s it.”


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