TCA: Kutcher and Lorre talk “Two And A Half Men”

S’at you, Ashton Kutcher?

Seated on stage with Two And A Half Men creators Chuck Lorre and Lee Aronsohn, and his costars Jon Cryer and Angus T. Jones, Kutcher sported a fresh, mom-approved haircut and a conservative suit (a show-sanctioned look that will be explained on Monday night’s ep)  — and a ring on his wedding finger, with which he was noticeably fiddling.

He also talked in measured tones about technology and investment funds. And a bit about Two and a Half Men. Mostly that he enjoys being on the show, is pleased that its demographic is skewing younger and that he’d certainly consider returning when the show comes back from hiatus, during which he’s doing films.

“I’ve always wanted to go back to sitcoms … I really love working on that craft daily,” Kutcher told assembled critics, who seemed to want to extend the drama that abated when Kutcher took over for former Men star Charlie Sheen, who emotionally self-destructed over contract negotiations last year. No one was biting.

Lorre, Sheen’s most favored sparring partner, was calm and philosophical, telling critics that of course they considered calling it quits rather than succumb to Sheen’s demands. And when the decision was made to recast the role, he approached it from the mindset of, “So what if we did fail? No one would be physically harmed.”

“We considered ending the show when Charlie left,” Lorre said. “Ashton changed that. At first it seemed impossible, but why not try?”

With the show’s ratings staying relatively stable and younger audiences tuning into see Kutcher’s wounded rich man Walden, Men‘s creators think the series’ future looks bright …. assuming Kutcher does return to the fold. Citing the ever-expanding family on My Three Sons as an example, Aronsohn explained to a journalist who wondered if the show could last until Jake has a 1/4 man of his own, “Men can go on ‘as long as life goes on.’”

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