VH1 breaks up the holidays with “40 Funniest Fails 2”

One reason reality television is so popular is because watching other people figuratively fall on their faces allows us to somehow feel better about ourselves, so imagine the enjoyment of watching someone literally falling on their face.

Actually, you don’t have to imagine it, thanks to VH1. Tonight at 9pm ET, the network is rolling out the premiere of 40 Funniest Fails 2, a sequel to an hourlong clip-fest of people taking a spill for our viewing pleasure.

Don’t get me wrong, I am never a fan of watching others get physically hurt, but I have to admit that there is something oddly funny about seeing real-life tumbles. For this evening’s show, VH1 scoured the Web for actual video of everything from a drunk girl on a cruise forgetting where the bathroom is to a newlywed couple getting washed out to sea to a soccer mom displaying her dance moves (or lack thereof).

VH1 fortunately doesn’t just shed a spotlight on your average Joes and Janes, though. Those tuning in will also get to watch celebrities falling on and off stage, as well as Prince Charles tackling a hip hop dance routine. There is nothing more humbling to a star than embarrassing themselves in the limelight, so we do give credit to the network for following up with a few of them here to get their thoughts on their respective faux pas.

And although we all get together this time of year to celebrate the holidays and the sentiment of “Peace on Earth,” there is something deviously refreshing about seeing the mishaps of others. Let’s just hope that watching doesn’t create some kind of bad karma that lands us on the inevitable 40 Funniest Fails 3.