“Project Runway All Stars” Says ‘Auf’ With The Old, In With The Old?

Fans are in for a real shakeup when the new Project Runway All Stars premieres on Lifetime, Jan. 5. No Heidi Klum. No Michael Kors. No Nina Garcia. And — gasp — no Tim Gunn. Instead, the Project Runway spinoff will feature model Angela Lindvall as host, Marie Claire’s editor in chief Joanna Coles as mentor, and designers Isaac Mizrahi and Georgina Chapman as judges.

Not to worry, though. There will still be plenty of familiar faces. The returning “All Stars” are some of the most beloved designers — Mondo Guerra, Austin Scarlett, Sweet P — from seasons past, and also one of the most villainous — Kenley Collins. The staff switch might even be a great fresh slate for the competitors, who have already been judged and deemed unworthy of the Runway title by Klum & Co.


>> Mondo Guerra – 2nd place, Season 8 

Signature Design Style: Bold colors, creative mix of patterns

Memorable Runway Moments: Fan favorite who revealed that he was HIV-positive, a secret he’d kept for 10 years. Named runner-up to Gretchen Jones in one of the most contentious decisions of the series.

Notable Post-Runway Appearances: Advocate for HIV/AIDS awareness; partnered with Runway alum Jack Mackenroth for education campaign “Living Positive By Design.”

Austin Scarlett – 4th place, Season 1 <<

Signature Design Style: Glamorous eveningwear

Memorable Runway Moments: Created a couture gown made entirely from cornhusks in the very first episode, still one of the series’ most impressive designs. Filled in on the runway when Jay McCarroll’s model didn’t show up for the Postal Uniform Challenge.

Notable Post-Runway Appearances: Creative director of bridal gown collection Kenneth Pool, 2006-2009; stars in Lifetime series On the Road with Austin & Santino.

>> April Johnston – 5th place, Season 8

Signature Design Style: Dark, textured couture

Memorable Runway Moments: The second youngest designer to appear on the series, she managed to stay largely out of Season 8’s backbiting fray while developing her own unique aesthetic.

Notable Post-Runway Appearances: Designs under her own label.

Rami Kashou – 2nd place, Season 4 <<

Signature Design Style: Elegant, flowing gowns

Memorable Runway Moments: Though often noted for his impeccable taste and skill, he was also often criticized by the judges for being too one-note, with his signature Grecian-inspired draping.

Notable Post-Runway Appearances: Designs under his own label for a clientele that includes celebrities and royalty.

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>> Kenley Collins – 3rd place, Season 5

Signature Design Style: Vintage ’40s, colorful prints

Memorable Runway Moments: The clear villain of Season 5, she was openly hostile to judges and fellow contestants. Her immature eye-rolling attitude tested even Tim Gunn’s patience.

Notable Post-Runway Appearances: Arrested for assault in 2009, after throwing a cat, a laptop and other items at her ex-fiancé.

Gordana Gehlhausen – 4th place, Season 6 <<

Signature Design Style: Handcrafted elements

Memorable Runway Moments: Fans were shocked after her beautiful draped gown from the Museum Challenge failed to push her through to the finale at Bryant Park.

Notable Post-Runway Appearances: Boutique owner; designs under her own label.

>> Mila Hermanovski – 3rd place, Season 7

Signature Design Style: Black & white, clean lines

Memorable Runway Moments: Abrasive, overly confident attitude rubbed many the wrong way, especially Anthony Williams

Notable Post-Runway Appearances: Designs under her own label.

 Jerell Scott – 4th place, Season 5 <<

Signature Design Style: Eclectic, mixed textures

Memorable Runway Moments: Questions about taste level abounded, and he was finally ousted just before the finale due to an overuse of bling.

Notable Post-Runway Appearances: Designs under his own label.

>> Kathleen “Sweet P” Vaughn – 5th place, Season 4

Signature Design Style: Simple, wearable elegance

Memorable Runway Moments: One of the series’most likable contestants, the tattooed mama hen helped keep a positive atmosphere in a workroom full of fierce personalities, such as Christian Siriano and Chris March.

Notable Post-Runway Appearances: Lead designer for Trixxi Clothing Company; appeared on Project Runway: All-Star Challenge.


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Kara Janx – 4th place, Season 2 >>

Signature Design Style: Feminine & flirty with an urban edge

Memorable Runway Moments: A kimono-style wrap that she made prior to Runway was judged to be better than the dress she made for the runway.

Notable Post-Runway Appearances: Designs under her own label; appeared on Sundance’s All on the Line.

<< Anthony Williams – 5th place, Season 7

Signature Design Style: Spunky, colorful

Memorable Runway Moments: Fun-loving, Southern and sassy, his personality often overshadowed his inconsistent designs. He was eliminated in the 10th week, but brought back after another designer withdrew.

Notable Post-Runway Appearances: Fashion ambassador for Macy’s; style consultant for VH1’s Single Ladies; freelance design.

Michael Costello – 4th place, Season 8 >>

Signature Design Style: Resortwear

Memorable Runway Moments: In one of the show’s nastiest displays of cattiness, Gretchen Jones and Ivy Higa threw him under the bus during the group challenge. Their bullying behavior led to a rare outburst from Tim Gunn.

Notable Post-Runway Appearances: Designs under his own label.

<< Elisa Jimenez – 10th place, Season 4

Signature Design Style: Polymorphic

Memorable Runway Moments: Season 4’s unconventional oddball used her own spit to mark fabric.

Notable Post-Runway Appearances: Performance and installation art, in addition to designing clothing.


Project Runway All Stars > Lifetime > Thursdays at 9p ET/PT, beginning Jan. 5

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  1. i agree with terence. we are watching the first episode and it’s rubbish. please just give this team the sack and bring the old crew back

  2. I want Heidi Klum, Tim Gunn, Nina Garcia, Michael Kors back. So F U to producers for tricking me into watching.

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