“Midnight Snack” and “Suzilla” set Planet Green off in search of food

Planet Green takes a step in a direction away from its purely eco-centric mission with two specials hitting its schedule Dec. 20. Midnight Snack and Suzilla: The Mouth That Roars both take to America’s highways in search of eats, but with different agendas.

The first, Midnight Snack (Dec. 20 at 10pm), hosted by VH1’s and Fuse’s Steven Smith, is set in those late-night after-hours, when people out on the prowl are looking for a nosh, either to combat the effects of booze or simply because they just wanna eat. Smith goes through the heart of Hollywood in search of the best places to satiate that inner ravenous beast, stopping at each location to chat with employees and customers to find out what makes those places’ signature items worth the late-night indulgence (and probable morning-after regret).

Immediately following Midnight Snack, Planet Green will premiere Suzilla: The Mouth That Roars. Houston native Suzanne “Suzilla” French has been ranked fourth in the world in the World League of Competitive Eating, and she takes both her Southern charm and her chops on the road for this special that finds her looking for the best greasy spoons, diners and food trucks, and worthy competitors to challenge her. Look for Sal Capek, co-owner of Fat Sal’s Deli, and Entourage star Jerry Ferrara among the gustatory gladiators.