“The Next Iron Chef: Super Chefs” preview: just beachy

By Lori Acken

So much for my “Anne in third” prognostication. But Alex and Geoffrey are still in the running, so there’s that.

Except now I think I’m starting to waffle on the whole of my prognostication and wonder if it might actually be Falkner and Chiarello in the final and Geoffrey Z  at number three. I know a bit of what Alex and Geoffrey have coming up in the next couple months. Elizabeth and Michael, not so much.

In any case, after their adventures in auctioneering last week, life’s beach for the four remaining rival chefs — a Hamptons seafood cookout upon one to be exact. And no foodstuffs are on the premises; the chefs get a budget and a vehicle and must head out to the local docks and markets to procure their ingredients. Way nicer than being handed a can of sardines and 50 minutes to cook it, no?


When the chefs get back from shopping, Alton — who’s just full of surprises lately — tells the chefs that one of them will be going home immediately after the Chairman’s challenge, so there’s only one true winner this time out. The two in the middle return to Kitchen Stadium to duke it out with dishes made of entwine and Town House crackers.

If you Google “entwine” alone, this may lead you to believe that the poor cooks will be creating cracker-crusted Finnish gothic metal supergroup. Which would be kind of excellent to watch AND present a darn-near literal sudden-death challenge if ever there were one.

Tack “+food” onto your “entwine” Google search and you will learn that it is actually a line of wines  produced via a partnership with Food Network and Wente vineyards. Throw in a plate of ent-cheese and you got yourself a cocktail party. But not likely the dish that will keep the winning chef aboard for the finale.

Episode 7 of The Next Iron Chef Super Chefs airs Sunday at 9pm ET

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