MeTV celebrating Harry Morgan with “M*A*S*H” marathon

With the passing of Harry Morgan, MeTV is memorializing the Hollywood veteran with 16 of his most notable M*A*S*H, from the Season 3 opener in which he first appeared — as a loony general — to his finest moments as Col. Sherman T. Potter. Starting tonight at 7pm and 7:30pm ET and continuing in that usual timeslot through Friday, Dec. 16 (excepting this Saturday), viewers can look back and remember one of the most beloved career military men in television history:

Thursday, Dec. 8
“The General Flipped at Dawn”
In this landmark Season 3 opener, Harry Morgan makes his first M*A*S*H appearance as Gen. Steele, a by-the-book efficiency man intent on putting the gang through their paces by moving the camp five miles down the road. Hawkeye ends up charged with mutiny and impersonating a reporter, but it’s Steele who may get taken away for being “nuts.” (7pm)

“Change of Command”
After the death of Henry Blake, it was assumed that Frank Burns would take command, which he eagerly does in this episode … for about five minutes, until he’s replaced by an incoming career military man, Col. Potter. A bit older, a bit sharper and wiser than Henry Blake, Potter is a different breed, and he’s going to take a bit of getting used to — especially for Frank. (7:30pm)

Friday, Dec. 9
“Dear Mildred”
The acclimation process continues, as Radar tries to adjust to a new commanding officer and Col. Potter writes home to his wife about the cast of characters he’s now overseeing. Majors Burns and Houlihan commission a local carver to make a likeness of the colonel for his birthday, and we see yet another recurring character’s entrance into the 4077th — Col. Potter’s horse, Sophie. (7pm)

“Mail Call, Again”
Frank Burns’ mean little life is about to change when he receives a letter from his wife informing him of his pending divorce, having found out about his relationship with Maj. Houlihan. But the mail brings good news to the 4077’s C.O. — he’s going to be a grandfather. (7:30pm)

Sunday, Dec. 11
“The Price of Tomato Juice”
No good deed goes unpunished, or so Radar and the Swamp Rats find out in this episode in which they find out that Col. Potter is very fond of tomato juice, so they embark on a rough road of quid-pro-quos in order to secure him a regular supply. (7pm)

“The Interview”
In one of the more interesting concept episodes, veteran journalist Clete Roberts appears as himself, interviewing Col. Potter and the rest of the 4077th about how they cope with their situation, what they miss about home and what it’s like to work with each other. (7:30pm)

Monday, Dec. 12
“Hawkeye Get Your Gun”
One of the conceits of the M*A*S*H series was always to try to pair two characters up in some misadventure and see what happens with them. This episode has Col. Potter and Hawkeye getting bombed in more ways than one when they head out to a Korean hospital to offer assistance, and Potter insisting that Hawkeye carry a sidearm. (7pm)

“Potter’s Retirement”
Col. Potter considers hanging up his stars in this episode in which he finds out that complaints about his leadership have been reported by someone in his command. Hawkeye and BJ enlist Radar’s help in trying to track down the informer and serve him to Potter on a platter. (7:30pm)

Tuesday, Dec. 13
When a visiting female career officer Col. Potter’s age visits the 4077th and they get very friendly very fast, suspicions arise that Potter may have something going on the side, of which Mildred, back home, wouldn’t approve. In the meantime, Hawkeye drives himself mad trying to figure out what BJ’s initials stand for. (7pm)

“The Price”
Col. Potter is ex-cavalry, so when his prized mare, Sophie, disappears from her corral and is found being ridden by the old man who does his laundry — an ex-cavalry soldier, himself — he’s respectful and understanding of the situation. At the same time, Hawkeye and BJ try to hide a young Korean boy who has been dodging conscription into the Korean army. (7:30pm)

Wednesday, Dec. 14
“Old Soldiers”
When Col. Potter is called to a Tokyo hospital on an urgent but unknown pretense, the others at the 4077th begin to speculate that he may be terminally ill. But they barely have time to worry, as a group of Korean refugee children in need of medical care have effectively overrun the camp. (7pm)

“April Fools”
He’s a “stickler’s stickler,” Potter warns. Col. Daniel Webster Tucker comes to the 4077th on a mission to observe the staff in action. But with a rash of April Fool’s pranks in full swing, Tucker’s report may end up with the medical staff on full report and brought up on charges of insubordination, just for starters. (7:30pm)

Thursday, Dec. 15
“The Red/White Blues”
When Col. Potter’s blood pressure is found to be elevated and he tries to keep it a secret, everybody’s treating him with kid gloves — and it’s driving him bananas. To make matters worse, Corp. Klinger is suffering from malaria-like symptoms, even though he’s taken his medication to stave it off, and it’s making everyone think he’s goldbricking. (7pm)

“‘Twas the Day After Christmas”
Inspired by a British officer’s description of Boxing Day, Col. Potter suggests that the officers and enlisted men trade places for a day so that everyone might see how the other half lives. (7:30pm)

Friday, Dec. 16
“Pressure Points”
Col. Potter has a crisis of confidence about his skill as a surgeon when Hawkeye has to reopen one of his patients to correct an error that could have proved fatal. Sending for Dr. Sidney Freedman, he can’t bring himself to talk about what’s really bothering him for fear that it might be true — that it may be time to retire. (7pm)

“Friends and Enemies”
It’s like old times when Woody Cook, a longtime buddy of Col. Potter’s, comes to the 4077th as one of the wounded, along with a battered unit he had led in battle. Cook hopes to return to battle to get his Combat Infantry Badge, but Potter has to decide whether or not to protect his friend — and the soldiers he commands — from Cook’s own incompetence. (7:30pm)