“Storage Wars Texas” makes big premiere tonight on A&E

Storage Wars TexasThe old cliche claims everything is done big in Texas, and fans of the popular reality series Storage Wars are going to find out tonight as A&E rolls out the premiere of its Lone Star State spin-off.

Storage Wars Texas (10:30pm ET) will be very similar to its predecessor, with the obvious distinction being that this version will solely focus on auctions in Texas. There are more than 50,000 facilities in the United States, but a big part of the reason this show should be successful is due to the amount that are spread out across this state.

For those living either under a rock (or in a storage unit), the premise of the series revolves around the belongings of defaulted renters being auctioned off. The catch is that those doing the bidding only get a quick glance at what they are bidding on. Sometimes they strike out, sometimes they strike it rich.

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This series focuses on four Dallas hunters who try to use their knowledge of antiques, keepsakes, souvenirs, memorabalia and hidden treasures to determine the value of the units. Those without money need not apply, because the cost to even enter the bidding can run pretty steep.

In tonight’s episode, auction hunters Ricky and Bubba Smith find a vintage air compressor, Dr. Moe Prigoff discovers some stunning lithographs, and Victor Rjesnjansky comes across a unit with a disturbing past.

I’ve never quite grasped the lure of watching people bid on other people’s belongings (and misfortune), but there is no disputing that A&E’s show has resonated with millions upon millions of viewers. And with the franchise now making its way to Texas, those ratings might even get bigger.


Credit: A&E

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