“Party At Tiffany’s” star Tiffany Young lets cameras into Pink Pastry Parlor

Pink Pastry Parlor in AtlantaPink Pastry Parlor in Atlanta is home to an amazing young woman who never gave up on her childhood dream. The parlor is the brainchild of Tiffany Young, 30, who at an early age sketched designs of a place that catered to just about every wish a young girl could have from dress up, baking and manicures, to sleepovers with friends, walking a fashion runway, dancing and more. Tiffany is a party planner extraordinaire and her Pink Pastry Parlor is the subject of OWN’s new series Party At Tiffany’s, premiering with two back-to-back episodes on Saturday, Dec. 3 at 10pm ET/PT.

The series captures the high-pressure demands of Tiffany’s clientele, as well as her young workforce — whom she refers to as her Parlettes — who cater to the every needs and sometimes unusual requests that come with creating the ultimate party experience.

“I was raised in a single-parent household and birthdays were never big,” Tiffany says. “They were always, you know, mom would buy a cake and maybe put some hot dogs on the grill and maybe invite all the neighborhood kids to come over. You always want more but you don’t say that to your mom because she’s a single parent and she’s doing her best. I said to myself, ‘I want for every girl to be introduced to everything she wanted on her birthday.’”

“So I created a facility where you have everything a little girl would want. If she wants a sleepover day we create the whole overnight sleepover loft image. If she wants to do the spa we have the spa treatment there. Every girl wants to do dress up. Every girl wants a tea party. Every girl wants to bake. They all want to have fun, they want to go shopping. So at Pink Pastry Parlor they do this in segments — it’s a full shop so they do all of this with each party.”

That philosophy is paying off. Word of mouth alone has grown her business to what it is today, where she’s hosting about  10 parties a weekend and even for celebrities.  Cameras were recently there for an album-signing party for Cash Money Records‘ new young recording artist Cymia. Now, the requests from moms who are footing the party bill  are becoming more challenging.

“Parents are bringing ideas I’ve never heard of — and I’ve thrown every type of party — but when you want an under-the-sea beach theme or something like that, I’m like to the mom, ‘It’s a shop! How can I bring water in here? Do you want to be under the sea or on the beach?’ To pull off all these stunts it costs a lot. I have special effects people and that can easily be $2,500 and up to come and create, but the moms are like ‘I want it this way.’ And I just give it to them the way they want it.’’

Cameras capture these parties and the all the drama that goes on behind the scenes in leading up to the actual party.

“There’s so much drama you’re going to think you are watching the Young and the Restless,” Tiffany says. “First the drama starts with my Parletts. Imagine putting 10 girls in a business – they’re going to eat each other alive. It’s catty all day. They all go to the same school so someone talked to somebody’s boyfriend, somebody thinks their cuter than the other or I have to be careful because they say I show favoritism or there’s the ‘I’m Miss Tiffany’s favorite’ or ‘I get more hours.’ There’s drama with that.”

“There’s drama with my sister [Terra] and my mom. They come in to help me, because I’ve got my teenagers, but sometimes I need someone to just watch them. My mom’s coming in late all the time, she doesn’t see the vision, she’s always late. But she’s the biggest support ever. My sister doesn’t want to work there, so you’re going to see her this season all about trying to do anything that doesn’t involve kids, and my whole business revolves around kids.”

It leads to exhausting, long days for Tiffany but in the end she’s living her dream and it’s a “Party at Tiffany’s.”

Party at Tiffany’s airs on Saturday, Dec. 3 at 10pm ET/PT; Saturday, Dec. 10 at 9pm ET/PT and culminates on Saturday, Dec. 17 at 9pm ET/PT.

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  1. I’d love to see more of the drama from the angle of the “Parlettes” working with the spoiled birthday girls. I think that would be a more entertaining angle.

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