“My Fair Wedding” preview: Tutera meets Fashionista

On this Sunday’s episode of My Fair Wedding With David Tutera, David heads to Los Angeles to meet 25-year-old self-proclaimed fashionista Folshi and her genial groom Corey.

• David Tutera talks with Channel Guide about Season 5 of My Fair Wedding

Though Folshi works as a pharmacy tech, her goal is to own a clothing boutique and she wants the theme of her big day to be all about the fashion. And Marie Antoinette. And little birch logs. And candy. Plus, a royally scattered idea about what her fashionista theme should entail is just the cusp of Folshi’s troubles — she’s already blown the budget for her entire wedding on a designer gown and shoes.

It’s up to David to fine-tune Folshi’s fashionista dreams and turn her wedding into a runaway runway success complete with a fashion show and one-of-a-kind couture.

New episodes of My Fair Wedding With David Tutera air Sundays at 9pm ET on WE tv. 

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