Golf Channel’s “Big Break Ireland” comes down to final three

By Tom Comi

With the President’s Cup getting underway in a few days, we thought a great way to get in the proper frame of mind is by watching the best sports reality show on television.

Some might classify Golf Channel’s Big Break series (tonight, 9pm ET) as simply a sports competition, and that is certainly understandable. Every week the athletes are put through the toughest of tests, including playing full holes, hitting strategic shots and pulling off gimmick tricks like breaking a piece of glass with a golf ball.

But there is also a reality element to the show that mirrors Survivor and Big Brother. The six men and women who traveled to Ireland this season for the $80,000 prize and two Tour exemptions are pitted together in an environment that brings out the best competitive spirit and the worst personality traits in all of them.

Tonight we are down to the final three golfers as Mark, Julien and Mallory compete for the money and exemptions. I don’t have a vested interest in who wins, but it will be fun to watch as a primer for this week’s President’s Cup.


  1. The women and men on Big Break Ireland communicate like a bunch of trash talking rappers. the don’t reflect the respect,dignity and class we’ve. One to expect from gofers. If this type of show continues I’ ll find something else to watch even though I love the golf channel,,,,,,,,,

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