“Chopped” lets viewers do the casting

By Lori Acken

They’re almost as entertaining as the winners themselves — that is, the unlucky chefs who submit to the rigors of Chopped, Food Network’s basketful-of-trouble cooking competition, and go down (sometimes literally) in flames.

Now the network is giving four of the most memorable eliminated contestants a second chance at Chopped supremacy — and it wants you, the show’s fans, to choose the quartet who’ll come back to cook. Among the potential participants:

• Season’s One’s Luis Gonzalez who suffered a sugar-salt mixup that cost her the victory in the dessert round.

• Season One’s Gwenael LePape who failed to plate a single thing except sauce in the appetizer round.

• Season Five’s Marja Samsom, a performance artist and New York’s self-christened “Dumpling Diva” who served the judges her specialty sauced with cross-contamination during the entree round.

Click here to see the complete contestant list, and vote for the challenged Chopped challengers to whom you’d  like to give a basketful of redemption.

Chopped airs Tuesday nights at 10pm on Food Network.


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