Frankie Jonas gets the creeps on tonight’s “The Haunting Hour”

By Stacey Harrison

Being the youngest sibling of a world-famous musical trio may bring you lots of perks, but it might not be enough to protect you from an evil pumpkin farmer. Frankie Jonas finds this out in tonight’s episode of R.L. Stine’s The Haunting Hour, which premieres at 5pm.

In “Pumpkinhead,” Jonas plays the youngest sibling in a group of kids who find themselves alone on Halloween night. Living in a town where kids have gone missing the last few years, trick-or-treating has been severely restricted. Looking for a little excitement, they head out to a pumpkin farm to steal pumpkins, only to stumble upon a horrifying secret out in the patch.

It’s a much darker story than fans of Jonas, on which Frankie has starred with his older brothers, might be used to, but the 11-year-old says he hopes his fans will go along for the ride. “I hope they like it,” he says. “They might be surprised, but I think it’s a turn for the best.”

Frankie says he makes his own Halloween costume every year, and this year, in honor of his Haunting Hour episode, he’s going as the Pumpkinhead monster from the show. He’s also really into scary movies, counting Sweeney Todd and the original A Nightmare on Elm Street among his favorites.

Photo: Courtesy of The Hub. Credit: Katie Yu


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