MTV’s “Good Vibes” has a lot to feel good about

By Ryan Berenz

Amid the fanfare of the triumphant return of Beavis and Butt-Head to the MTV schedule, there’s a new animated comedy that the network is pairing with B&B on Thursday nights, and it’s definitely worth checking out. Good Vibes premieres Oct. 27 at 10:30pm ET/PT, and features the voices of Josh Gad, Adam Brody, Debi Mazar, Alan Tudyk, Jake Busey and Danny McBride.

Teenager Mondo Brando (Gad) and his hot mom move from New Jersey to a California beach community. Mondo is short, fat and a little awkward, which doesn’t make him a big hit with the ladies. Thankfully, he finds some loyal friends in surfer dude Woodie (Brody) and nerd Wadska. Together, the guys hatch schemes to chase girls and ride the waves. With rapid-fire jokes, sight gags and more cutaways than a typical Family Guy episode, there’s plenty to feel good about in Good Vibes.

Brody easily related to his Woodie character. “I grew up in San Diego, so I was very familiar,” Brody says. “And even though I don’t look like it now, actually I looked a lot like my character, the blonde-headed afro kid in high school, because I surfed so much. I had a blonde afro. So I was quite familiar. No research necessary.”

In a future episode, the boys start their own floating non-stop beach party offshore to avoid underage drinking laws. And, like any good animated comedy, Good Vibes will have its share of guest stars. Producer Mike Clements says Mila Kunis will play herself in one episode. “Wadska rescues her from a pack of paparazzi on the beach, and she in turn offers him a favor that he takes her up on,” Clements says.

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