Dr. Andrew Jacono gives hope to victims in “Facing Trauma”

By Barb Oates

Bring your Kleenex to the premiere of Discovery Fit & Health’s new series Facing Drama Wednesday (Oct. 26) at 10pm ET. The series shares the true stories of women who have been left disfigured (primarily on their face) as a result of some violent circumstance. Their angel is Dr. Andrew Jacono, a world-class New York facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon, who has dedicated a portion of his practice to pro bono work that helps victims of devastating acts of domestic violence and crime, as well as senseless accidents.

Although graphic in times in retelling the circumstances that led to each victim’s extensive injuries, the work of Jacono is truly miraculous as cameras capture the surgical consultations and methodology behind the reconstructive process. Jacono’s passion for his patients translates into an inspirational journey of recovery for some very brave women. In addition to Jacono’s work, the series also features the expertise of  Dr. Janet E. Taylor who is a licensed clinical psychiatrist who serves as a life coach.

Tomorrow’s episode (Oct. 26) shares the stories of Alyssa and Kateshia. Alyssa, an outgoing teen from Ohio, saw no harm in going to a concert without telling her parents. That evening a drunk driver nearly took her life. She survived the accident but the right side of her face was severely disfigured. Kateshia, from North Carolina, was not only a witness to her brother Tony’s death but was also left with severe facial scars.

Their stories, as well as the stories of the women listed below, are filled with strength, courage and kindness, as Jacono uses his compassion and expertise to help them rebuild their lives.
Nov. 2 at 10pm Mary/Haly: Mary, from Texas, was nearly killed from a gunshot wound when her once happy relationship turned violent. Haley, a middle schooler from Mississippi, survived being run over by a car driven by her step brother, and was left with both physical and emotional scarring.

Nov. 9 at 10pm Sharon/Christine: Sharon, from Oregon, survived a brutal attack by her jealous and controlling husband but was left with horrific scars to her face. Christine, from New York, was doused with dangerous chemicals that burned off the skin from more than half of her body.

Nov. 16 at 10pm Brittany/Shakeera: Brittany, from Nebraska, survived a terrifying attack on Halloween night that had a mysterious connection to her abusive father. Shakeera, a young mom from New Jersey, was able to save her son’s life from a brutal attack by the child’s father but was left with severe facial injuries.

Nov. 23 at 10pm Evelyn/Ashley: Evelyn, from Uganda, was injured by a bomb that destroyed her mouth and distorted her ability to speak. Ashley, from Oregon, was shot in the back by her ex-husband.




  2. Dr. Jacono is my new hero! What a beautiful, gifted man he is for giving so much back to those who suffer from facial disfigurement. May God bless him for his work!

  3. After reading everyone elses post I almost feel shame
    making my request anyway 16yrs ago my x-husband cased
    me to wreck and total a vehichle (while I had a restraing order out)it not my teeth out so I had bridge work done. Now it needs to be replaced and I
    have no insurance. I am a 50yr old college student
    I’ll graduate in the fall 2012 (Lord willin). I am
    worried that I won’t have any teeth in my mouth.

  4. If all Doctors, surgeons, dentists and psychologists gave back just a small amount of their time as this angelic Dr. does, the United States would not be ranked 46th out of all countries as their quality of medical care. Dr. Jacono, I know beyond any doubt that God has richly blessed you for your gifts to mankind and I KNOW He will continue to bless you, yours and your practice for being the type of man you are. Thank you for setting examples of what your peers should be doing. We are not all surgeons or professionals, but we ALL can do something to pay forward. I know some do, but not nearly enough. God Bless You!

  5. I have a request, to speak with someone, I have had neck surgery & my teeth have been knocked out & gums badly damaged , I was severly beaten, as I was being stalked & apartment broken into, beaten over many times before the police could capture this 6’6″ russian, I am in dire need of help with my teeth being knocked out I am losing my facial structure , please if you can, contact me at 940-237-1034 … Thank You, God Bless.

  6. I just watched Facing Trauma…cried the whole time. I had to comment on Dr. Jacono and his wonderful, caring and compassionate approach to these victims. He has changed their lives and brought hope back to them. He is a true Godsend and gift to the medical profession. I just love how he hugs and kisses each and every patient he helps. And to do these surgeries pro bono left me utterly in awe of this wonderful, wonderful man. Good luck to him and God Bless!

  7. You was placed on this earth to do the wonderful job that you do for woman…Keep up the good job….You give woman hope again after some guy takes it away…Much Love to you and your work

  8. Dr. Jacono, I felted like my prayers has been answered when I saw your show on OWN, tuesday night. I have been looking for someone to help my four years old granddaughter,Andrea. She have a facial tumor since birth. My husband and I took her to Miami to have surgery on her left eye when she was around one but she still lost that eye. Her whole left side is disfigured. I am afraid the tumor is getting closer to her right eye. She is often stared at and picked on by other children and people yet she is still a beautiful Angel. Please consider this little girl because she greatly need your help. Thank you, Avis Clark 352-745-8216

  9. i was wonder how to get intouch with this doctor.we were in a car accident a year and a half ago.my daughter was five at the time.she ended up having over a hundred stitches to put her cheek and neck together.several skull fractures now healed,and a fractured jaw,also now healed but the scars on her cheek.remind me everyday.i was driving and her mother feel very guilty even though i know it was a freak accident and i did what i could to prevent it.just wondering if he could help us.i dont want her bullied in school.hate the way people look at her when we

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