PBS’s “The Fabric of the Cosmos” explores the universe’s big picture

The first of four episodes of Brian Greene’s new PBS series, The Fabric of the Cosmos With Brian Greene, premieres next week, but you can watch it today. Through available free PBS apps, viewers can start to take in this new series that shows how today’s scientists are mapping out the most complete picture of space, time and our universe. Exploring some of the most exciting theories proposed by science, The Fabric of the Cosmos peels back layers of understanding to show that underneath the world that we perceive and experience lies an incredibly strange and wonder-filled one than we can fairly comprehend.

At a recent panel at New York Comic Con, Greene addressed some of the wide-ranging topics discussed in The Fabric of the Cosmos, and it’s a pretty compelling list: Time travel, teleportation, quantum mechanics, entanglement, multiverses and the holographic universe are all relevant to the series’ agenda and help to complete the picture of our universe.

Mind-boggling in its ambition, The Fabric of the Cosmos also aims to be accessible enough to inspire today’s young people to take an active interest in exploring the universe around them, a topic Greene also discussed in New York. For a sampling of the series and to see highlights from Greene’s Oct. 16 panel discussion at New York Comic Con, take a look at the video posted above.

As mentioned, though The Fabric of the Cosmos will premiere Wednesday, Nov. 2 at 9pm ET on PBS (check local listings), the first episode is available today via apps for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.