NASCAR’s Joey Logano chows down on Travel Channel’s “Man V. Food Nation”

If you have an appetite for food and NASCAR, then you should make a reservation to watch Travel Channel tonight.

Host Adam Richmond and his Man V. Food Nation crew hit the road for Rochester, New York, to watch NASCAR driver Joey Logano tackle a humongous sandwich called the Atomic Bomb (9pm ET). Donning his familiar orange Home Depot cap, Logano approaches the table at Sticky Lips restaurant like a gladiator entering a coliseum. Dozens of fans cheer to offer inspiration for the young driver.

And boy is he going need it, because he only has 30 minutes to finish a 3-pound double cheeseburger loaded with bacon, pulled pork and a meaty hot sauce over a pound of fries. Logano proclaims that it “tastes great” after taking his first bite, but this challenge is more about quantity than quality — and it makes it even more daunting when you consider that he only weighs 140 pounds.

As usual, Richmond provides enthusiasm and hyperbole to the action, exclaiming, “This guy drives 100 miles per hour; who knows how fast he can eat.” He later adds, “Will Joey’s need for speed carry him to victory lane, or will this ticking time bomb have him beat?”

For those who wanting to amp up the experience, you can participate in a live tweet tonight from 9-9:30 p.m. ET featuring @JLogano, @AdamRichman, @travelchannel, @ManVFoodNation, @MissSprintCup, @NASCAR and @WGI. Hashtags for the session: #NASCAR and #MVFN.