“Dance Moms”: Chloe’s audition tape, finale fallout and a teensy teaser for Season 2

Even though Dance Moms’ domineering diva Abby Lee Miller swore to Reality TV World that the production company for the jaw-dropper hit auditioned moms only and the kids came aboard untested, today her co-star Christi Lukasiak tweeted a link to what she says is Chloe’s (perfectly adorable) audition tape for the series:

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Abby also shared that she wasn’t originally intended to be, nor interested in being, on the series and was only brought aboard after the TV folks saw her bulldoze the bejesus right out of Minister Dawn.

I don’t buy it for a sec. For one, Abby cannot say enough (often to their faces) how she wishes her dancing darlings came with no mothers a’tall — telling TV Guide, “If I could have the state send me a check and teach orphans, that’d be great.”

And for two, without the Maddie-Chloe Abby-Mommies showdowns and the Maddie-Abby uber-alliance, there would not have been a show. People tuned in to watch a rag-tag group of incredibly talented little buggers in spandex thrive as dancers, siblings and friends, even as the adults around them lost their collective mind/cool/sense of decorum/your opinion here.

We had to know we had the kids to do it. Or else we are the most incredibly fortunate production company this side of Mark Burnett.

Plus, despite the obligatory stuff like this …

… we Dance Mom faithful know that, left to their own devices, these were fun-gal mamas galavanting all over hell and tarnation with their kids — and when Abby wasn’t in there to blow the bitch whistle, they appeared to be having a grand time of it. My two cents is that Travel Channel may want to option them for Fun Girls On The Go: Dance Moms Hit the Road, a travelogue for other mobile dance moms (or those of us who want to travel like them) spotlighting the best places to drink and dine while the children are locked in a windowless room with a bellowing woman who thinks they’re all 25 and trying out for the Bolshoi.

(Related note: I’m still betting on a Cathy Stein spinoff any day now. Mark my words — we have not seen the last of this dame.)

Even so, Miller also told TV Guide that the infamous, mother-and-viewer-rattling Pyramid of Doom was not her idea, either, saying “That has nothing to do with me. That’s the show. They came up with that whole process.”

Whatever. It worked. And all of the children — and their mothers — seem to have emerged  unscathed enough for a second season if Lifetime’s blink-and-you-miss-it teaser is to be believed.


  1. Krista, they had to audition for the producers of the show to be chosen as the mom/dancer combos from Abby’s studio that would appear on “Dance Moms.”

  2. I am just wondering, since Christi always says things about how she and Chloe have been with Abby Lee Miller for years, why Chloe had to have an audition tape to be on the show.

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