Lifetime is casting families for new reality show “America’s Supernanny”

By Lori Acken

With legendary Supernanny Jo Frost now retired from naughty steps, passy fairies and the stay-in-bed technique to focus on a family of her own, Lifetime has decided it’s time America had a brand new tot-tamer.

After what the network calls “an exhaustive search and numerous casting calls,” Lifetime has tapped Virginia-based wife, mom and highly-educated early-childhood specialist Deborah Tillman to fill the bill and take over the sensible suits, comfy footwear and surefire techniques of America’s Supernanny.

Tillman, who traded a career in accounting for her mission to provide quality childcare and instruction after multiple bad experiences trying to find daycare for her own infant son, launched her own home-based school in 1992. Word-of-mouth recommendations led her to expand her school into a series of ever-larger buildings and staff. Since 1998, Happy Home Child Learning Center has operated from three fully-staffed locations, serving hundreds of children. And Tillman has bolstered her own credentials with a Masters Degree in Early Childhood Special Education from The George Washington University and courses at Oxford University.

Are you relieved to see a new Supernanny ready to ride to the rescue and think your household is in desperate need of her help? Click here for the show’s contact information and a family application.

America’s Supernanny premieres on Lifetime Nov. 29 at 9pm ET/PT.

Photo: Scott Gries for Lifetime Networks


  1. I need serious help. I have two children and I’m on the verge of being a bad parent. I love my children with all of my heart and try the best I can but I yell at my kids, I pop their bottoms and I lose my cool alot. I need help I feel like my two year old is shutting me out and I feel guilty that I am yelling at her more than I am smiling with her and holding her and playing with her. I want to enjoy the terrific twos and not think of them as the Terrible twos and god knows what will happen at three if I cant handle twos.

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