“Downsized” finale: It’s time to move on

By Lori Acken

After a brutal season of medical scares, financial ups-and-downs and relationship crises and more, tonight’s Season 2 finale of Downsized (9pm on WE tv) seems to usher in a time of fresh starts for some members of the Bruce-Rumsey family.

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Bailey continues to insist to Laura that her bruises were caused by mutual roughhousing with her new boyfriend, leading her siblings and her friends to take sides on what actually happened. Unwilling to accept Bailey’s injuries, and her hysterical explanation, Todd demands a meeting with the young man and his parents to get to the bottom of what has happened to the girl.

In the meantime, with college costs looming, not just for the matriculating Heather and Bailey, but for the triplets as well, Laura discovers that if the kids returned to Georgia, they could earn a full scholarship to college via the “Hope Scholarship” program, which funds students’ college education if they maintain a 3.0 GPA. Whitney  and Todd aren’t thrilled at the idea of a move, no matter how good the intentions, but Dylan and Rex are excited — until Rex discovers that the new GPA requirement is a 3.7, which he can meet, but fun-loving Dylan cannot.

Now Rex must decide if he can sacrifice his tight bond with his triplet for a free ride to college.

As Heather and Bailey’s graduation day dawns, it’s an emotion-filled group that watches the girls receive their diplomas, wondering whose heart may be saved (or broken) on her big day, who might be leaving home and who might not get the education they hoped for.

Tune in to “At The Table,” the season finale of Downsized tonight at 9pm on WE tv.

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