Fans of cuteness are the winners when Animal Planet pits “Puppies vs Babies”

By Jeff Pfeiffer

This Saturday, Oct. 15, at 10pm ET/PT, Animal Planet’s Puppies vs. Babies begins its first installment of three one-hour specials that seek to determine which is cuter — baby humans or baby animals. (Although it is called Puppies vs. Babies, trailer clips seem to also include toddlers and older kids in the mix with babies, along with kitties in addition to puppies). Wherever you fall in the debate (I’m not afraid to take a side — go puppies!), it’s a good bet you’ll be awwwing all throughout this battle, which takes the 16 most popular viral video clips from the week and pits them against one another in three rounds of judging panels. There is also a related photo contest to which you can still submit entries here, through Nov. 23, and voting for the championship round of the photo contest will begin at the site on Oct. 22. Let the cuteness attack begin!