Tonight on “Downsized”: It’s crying time

By Lori Acken

After last week’s jewelry-sale-and-junk-van debacles, Laura thinks it’s time to enlist a third party to help her and Todd with their communication issues the way Dean has helped them with their financial issues. Todd balks at first, but gives in and agrees to go.

On the home front, a fresh set of astronomical expenses and family friction present themselves in the form of senior pictures for Bailey and Heather. Heather’s mom is paying for her photos, but Todd and Laura don’t have the money for Bailey to visit an “official” photographer. Laura tries to do the job herself, with disastrous results. In the meantime, Todd is guilt-ridden over Heather not being able to make the most of her soccer skills and landing a community college scholarship instead of the four-year full rides her friends are being offered.

And though Bailey appears to be having fun with her new boyfriend and they go on a successful double date with Levi, the family begins to notice bruises on Bailey’s body. The girl insists they’re from bumper boats, but Levi suspects otherwise and, after trying to talk some sense into his sister, he lets Laura know what he’s really thinking is happening to Bailey. Laura heads off into the night to confront Bailey’s beau, leaving her daughter in the driveway in tears.

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