Octomom Nadya Suleman goes on her first date in Roger Lodge’s “CelebriDate”

By Barb Oates

There’s a reason “Octomom” Nadya Suleman never watches herself in TV interviews, and her latest venture in front of the cameras proves why. Suleman is the subject of the upcoming episode of HDNet’s new series CelebriDate, hosted and developed by Blind Date guru Roger Lodge. This episode will certainly rank as one of the most awkward dating experiences ever, which makes it a must see on HDNet Oct. 12 at 8:30pm ET.

It starts with Lodge (pictured) briefly interviewing Suleman on dating, when she confesses: “It’s unfamiliar for me. I’ve never been on a date.”

What?!? She’s never, ever dated? She doesn’t watch TV either. “I haven’t watched TV in eight years. I just learned how to text like six months ago. I’ve never seen a single interview I’ve done.” And that’s a good thing.

As for dating, that was never a priority – Suleman shared that her priority was on becoming a mom. Mission accomplished as Suleman yielded 14 children.

“I have 14 kids. I didn’t want to turn into the little old lady that lives in a shoe but it happened. I just wanted maybe 6/7,” she explains. As an only child, she admits she was immature in her thinking. But when she had her first child she said it was the “first time I ever said I love you to any human.”

Suleman shares in the episode that at this point in her life, she’s not really interested in finding a man. “I’m focused on surviving and taking care of my kids.” She did, however, agree to meet three potential suitors as part of CelibriDate, as long as none of them touched her.  So in walks three innocent men — a bartender, stage manager and a personal assistant. They all go through a two-minute meet and greet drill where Suleman sends one of the three packing. No surprise, it was Mark the stage manager, who admits he wasn’t too disappointed, but credited Suleman for having a “good rack.” Classy guy.

Her first date was with Mark, an adorable personal assistant with tons of patience and a future diagnosis for Suleman of “terets.” The duo are treated to a yoga session, where Suleman’s bumbling and odd facial expressions make for some interesting moments. Her next date was with Adrian, a bartender who gets quite a mouthful from Suleman, which included an over-the-top descriptor on screamy bloody childbirth.

Early this summer I met Lodge and Suleman in Chicago at a trade show, where Lodge shared a bit about returning to the familiar genre of dating shows. “I’ve come home to dating,” Lodge said. “After sitting through 3,000 dates on Blind Date … but the popularity of Ryan Seacrest when we put him on Blind Date got me thinking ‘what if we go out and get other celebrities, because they need love to.’ We had some great dates so far – Dean Cain, Octomom – I mean what could be better than that?”

So what did Lodge really think of that date? “Let me just say this, you need to watch that date to believe it. I’m thinking of pitching it as a one hour special, it’s that good.”


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  1. It is gruesome. I never really thought much about Suleman until seeing her on this show. Now, I just worry for the children. She is really, really, really unwell.

    As a society, we often ask ourselves, how can we prevent crime, homelessness, suicide, violence, depression, etc. Allowing children to grow up with insane parents without extra support is how. Seriously, she should give them all up for adoption, except maybe the first one, “the love of her life” as she says.

    Yuck, creepy, gross. I love my children but my husband is the love of my life. She is beyond help, truly.

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