“My Naked Secret” comes to terms with emotional as well as body issues

by Karl J. Paloucek

Since we first announced the upcoming premiere of Discovery Fit & Health’s My Naked Secret as part of our Fall TV Preview, people have been wondering how they can get on the show and giving the series a bit of anticipatory buzz.

We don’t have anything to do with the production of My Naked Secret (which, incidentally, premieres Friday, Oct. 7), but we’re working on getting an answer regarding applications to be on the show for those of you who might be so inclined. In the meantime, we can shed more light on this series and its intentions.

Described as “part medical observational documentary, part transformational program,” My Naked Secret focuses on the journey of a select group of individuals who are severely unhappy with their current selves and are looking for a way to get to a better place both physically and emotionally.

Their path starts with the guidance of psychotherapist Anjula Mutanda, who tries to help them to feel better about themselves and their own self worth, trying to instill confidence and self respect independently of any physical transformation they might experience.

In the premiere episode of My Naked Secret, viewers are introduced to Helena, a 35-year-old nanny who was the victim of a botched tummy tuck and has since been ashamed of her body and goes to great lengths to hide it. In the above clip and the one below, both from the premiere episode — and not for the squeamish, I might add — you’ll see the extent of the damage done to Helena’s form, as well as a hint of the devastation Helena feels as a result.

But you’ll also get a fair idea of the tenor of this series and how it puts the focus on the overall well-being of its subjects. Dr. Mutanda helps her patients to confront their issues in a safe forum — in Helena’s case, a best friend — that should enable her to at least begin to tackle her own issues of self acceptance, and to move toward facing the prospect of further cosmetic surgery and the attendant fears that it would naturally bring.


  1. I am a 19 year old girl living in a small town called Pune in India. I am very embarrased since childhood to go out of my house because i am very very hairy person.
    I wear long sleeve clothes hide my face becoz im very embarrased coz of my unwanted hair through out my body. I have completely lost my confidence,people tease me when i walk on the road:((.I just want to get rid of this problem and live a happy normal life just like oders. I hope u”ll will help me.I trust this show a lot.please reply

    • To Delnaaz and anyone else interested in being considered a subject for “My Naked Secret”:

      First, we are in no way involved with the production of this series. However, if you follow this link, it will take you to a related blog entry where he have the series application available:


      Thanks, and best of luck.


  2. I think its BS that they have Kelly on this show making it seem that her overly large breasts are a such a horrible problem for her. They fail to mention on the show that she is a PORNSTAR (Dors Feline) She couldn’t be hating them too much as she’s been making a living off em. This is such crap there are people on here who have REAL problems. She states on the show she doesn’t want to be a sex object & has to hide her boobs. Yet she has is on numerous porn sites.

  3. I am trying to find out how to get on this show. I would most definetly qualify. Please e-mail me when you find out info. Thank you,

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