Lifetime will re-air Amanda Knox movie with updates

In light of Amanda Knox’ successful  bid for acquittal for the murder of her roommate — and her subsequent return home to Seattle — Lifetime Networks will re-air their controversial made-for-TV film Amanda Knox: Murder On Trial In Italy with text updates to reflect the retrial and Knox’ turn of fortune.

The film, which stars Hayden Panettiere as Knox and Marcia Gay Harden as her mother, will air on Lifetime Movie Network Thursday at 10pm and Friday at 2am, and on Lifetime Network at 10pm on Saturday, Oct. 8.

Even before it’s February premiere, the film faced fierce opposition from the families and legal teams of the murder victim, Meredith Kercher, for its brutal “reenactment” of the crime — and from attorneys and supporters of Knox and her co-defendant and former lover Raffaele Sollecito who cited fictionalized events and statements and questioned the legitimacy of a film centered on a case that was still in appeals.

Now that the case is officially over, viewers can issue a final judgement for themselves.

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