“From Beyond” preview: “Priscilla’s Baby” episode

Getting in the mood for this upcoming Halloween season, here’s a clip from this Sunday’s (October 9) episode of From Beyond, a paranormal investigation series that airs Sundays at 10pm ET/PT on mun2, and which has become a record-setting breakout hit for the bilingual network. In “Priscilla’s Baby,” we meet Priscilla and Frank, who brought home their newborn baby girl several months ago. But that’s when things started going awry. The strange movements, sightings, and what they call “the wind of a spirit” in the dining room did not bother them, until they discovered unexplained scratches on their baby. The couple now asks the team (medium AJ Barrera and paranormal investigators Christian Vera and Ramiro Ramirez) to find out what’s going on so that they and their baby can live in peace.