truTV’s “Hardcore Pawn” finale: Hardcore truths for the Gold family

Les Gold and family star on TruTV's "Hardcore Pawn"

They may be beaming in the publicity shot above, but don’t let the sunny smiles fool you.

In a season that has seen expert negotiator — and unapologetic daddy’s girl — Ashley leave the ranks of American Jewelry and Loan, then return at Dad Les’ behest, albeit with plans to split the business in two and send brother Seth packin’, it’s hard to imagine that things could get tougher for the Gold family.

Never mind all the testy sellers that frequent their shop and make the family’s own hair-trigger tempers worse.

Les Gold and family on TruTV's "Hardcore Pawn"On Tuesday night’s Season Finale of truTV’s Hardcore Pawn, Les’ plan to reunite his children by having them co-plan American Jewelry and Loan’s  30th Anniversary celebration has gone awry as Seth and Ashley create individual events instead of one blowout party. Facing a crushing wall of pressure from Papa Pawn, and with their fierce sibling rivalry at boil-over, the chaos mounts to volcanic proportions — leading Les to make an announcement that rattles his staff to the core.

Check out a sneak peek here, then tune into the Season Finale of Hardcore Pawn Tuesday at 9pm ET on truTV.

Mark your calendar for an all-new season of Hardcore Pawn beginning Tuesday, Nov. 15

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