“Little People, Big World” returns to TLC with the first of four new specials

By Lori Acken

If you’ve been wondering what happened to Matt and Amy Roloff and their rapidly-growing kids since the family’s popular TLC series, Little People, Big World ended last year, the network has good news.

The Roloffs are back for a series of four hourlong specials intended to give their faithful fans (myself firmly among them) closure on what were some pretty major — and heartrending — cliffhangers in the series finale.

“The response from the fans since Little People, Big World’s finale has been overwhelming, asking how we’re doing and what’s the latest with the kids,” Matt and Amy Roloff told The Hollywood Reporter in a joint statement this summer. “These specials are going to be a great opportunity to share our families’ updates with our fans from time to time through the year.”

“Our families’?” Gulp. I’m trying too hard not to notice Matt does not wear a wedding ring in the specials’ sneak peek .. or stare too hard at Amy’s left hand in the photo above.

The first bittersweet hour — Little People, Big World: “Big Changes” — debuts tonight at 8/7 CT. The special will capture the family coping with their emotions as Jeremy prepares to move out of state and Matt and Amy —gulp! —come to terms with the tumult in their marriage and the future of Roloff Farms.

The docuseries — which debuted in 2006 and promptly garnered a huge following with its honesty, charm and realistic family highs and lows — launched a flood of other shows featuring little persons, and was the first series to focus on a family made up of both little and average-sized members.

“Matt and Amy will always be part of our network’s family and we know their fans will be excited to reconnect,” said TLC general manager, Amy Winter.

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  1. I really miss the show when it is not on regularly. I just really enjoy it and wish it would come back as a series again.

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