Feuds and moves on “Big Rich Texas” season finale

The season finale of Style Network’s hit original docu-series “Big Rich Texas,” which has become the network’s second-highest rated new series, will air on Sunday, October 2 at 9pm ET/PT. Following five mother-daughter duos, the show has given viewers a unique look into the competitive and privileged lives of these movers-and-shakers as they cement a place for themselves in Dallas’s high society.

On tonight’s season finale, the feud between Pam and Leslie comes to a head after Pam grills Leslie’s son Tyler. While taking a trip to see family in Seattle, Connie decides to investigate her newfound cousin Leslie’s background and makes a shocking discovery that she’s very willing to share with Pam. Meanwhile, Bonnie is worried that Whitney’s romance with Tyler may be bad for their mother-daughter relationship, especially when he decides to move back to the west coast – and Whitney wants to follow him.

– from Style Network


  1. I heard PAm when she was a youngun worked in FL as prostate and again as a stripper…Heidi ain’t gonna be happy bout that.

  2. What the heck. Who produced and directed this show. Why would you end a season like that. Do you care about the viewers. Geesh

  3. Omg pam …in the words of mariah carey why yoj so obsessed witn me well leslie lol grow up u old hag mind ur own buzzinezz lol

  4. I’m just really curious to know why Pam is such a jack ass on the show. I mean she must be a miserable woman at home to be so damn worried about everyone elses business! I mean think about it! You have to be very careful Pam when you point fingers. Remember you have family such as a husband, daughters, etc… And yes ma’am things can happen in your lil realm to bring your ass off of that high horse. You need to really view all the episodes and make a major change! I would be really afraid to close my eyes at night if I were you!!!! And to pick with teens and twenty year olds, how much lower can you possibly go!!!!!

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