2011 MLB playoffs Division Series schedule on TBS

Major League Baseball’s playoffs start Friday, Sept. 30, with the best-of-five-game Division Series, starting off with the AL. The first game on Friday has the wild-card Tampa Bay Rays at the AL West champion Texas Rangers (5:07pm ET, TBS), followed by the AL Central champion Detroit Tigers at the AL East champion New York Yankees (8:37pm ET, TBS). The NL begins postseason play on Saturday, with the NL West champion Arizona Diamondbacks at the NL Central champion Milwaukee Brewers (2pm ET, TBS) and the wild-card St. Louis Cardinals at the NL East champion Philadelphia Phillies (5pm ET, TBS)

TBS has exclusive coverage of both the AL and NL Division Series (overflow games will air on TNT) through Oct. 7 at the latest. Division Series schedule below (check back for updates):

AL Division Series
Detroit Tigers vs. New York Yankees
Game 1 — NYY 9, DET 3
Game 2 — DET 5, NYY 3
Game 3 — DET 5, NYY 4
Game 4 — NYY 10, DET 1
Game 5 — DET 3, NYY 2
Detroit wins series 3-2

AL Division Series
Tampa Bay Rays vs. Texas Rangers
Game 1 — TB 9, TEX 0
Game 2 — TEX 8, TB 6
Game 3 — TEX 4, TB 3
Game 4 — TEX 4, TB 3
Texas wins series 3-1

NL Division Series
St. Louis Cardinals vs. Philadelphia Phillies
Game 1 — PHI 11, STL 6
Game 2 — STL 5, PHI 4
Game 3 — PHI 3, STL 2
Game 4 — STL 5, PHI 3
Game 5 — STL 1, PHI 0
St. Louis wins series 3-2

NL Division Series
Arizona Diamondbacks vs. Milwaukee Brewers
Game 1 — MIL 4, ARZ 1
Game 2 — MIL 9, ARZ 4
Game 3 — ARZ 8, MIL 1
Game 4 — ARZ 10, MIL 6
Game 5 — MIL 3, ARZ 2 (10th)
Milwaukee wins series 3-2

*If necessary


  1. Very disappointed with MLB Detroit/New York telecast. The sport casters were ennamered so much with the Yankees that they did not even do most of the play by play. I was away from the TV, listening, but was unable to tell who was at bat,what was happening. One time a ball was hit by an unknown player & they were showing what was happening in the Yankee dug out. Come on, lets be a little more impartical.Or get someone for each team. Very disappointing for a Tiger fan.

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