“Mythbusters” back and more explosive than ever

From Discovery press:

Fresh off its third consecutive Emmy nomination, Discovery’s hit series Mythbusters is back for more explosive science-y goodness, as hosts Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage, and Tory Belleci, Kari Byron and Grant Imahara, return with all-new fall episodes beginning Wednesday, September 28 at 9PM ET/PT.

“Bikes and Bazookas” (Wednesday, 9/28)

In the premiere episode, Adam and Jamie test the myth that a motorcycle is a greener and cleaner machine than a car by putting a variety of vehicles through their paces in rigorous tests to find out exactly how car and bike emissions compare. And Kari, Tory and Grant unleash a rocket-propelled grenade for the first time in Mythbusters history, probing the Hollywood hype that a bullet could take out a RPG.

“Newton’s Crane Cradle” (Wednesday, 10/5)

Adam and Jamie get swinging for science to test an extraordinary viral video. Picture this: A crane operator decides to spice things up with colleagues. Together, they lift five wrecking balls into the sky and position them together. They swing the end ball backwards – it crashes it into the line of balls and voila: a giant Newton’s Cradle made of wrecking balls. But is this really possible? Meanwhile, Kari, Tory and Grant investigate a classic Hollywood-meets-physics conundrum. If you’ve lost control of your car and you’re hanging precariously off the edge of a cliff, would a bird landing on your roof be enough to cause you to go hurtling over the edge?

“Walk a Straight Line” (Wednesday, 10/12)

First up, Jamie and Adam explore the belief that, when blindfolded, humans lose their compass and ability to travel in a straight line. Tricked up with state of the art GPS technology and blindfolds, they test the theory on foot, in water and on wheels. Tory, Grant and Kari mix all their favorite ingredients into one story: guns, explosives and rocket-propelled car crashes! They’re testing a story in which a special effects pyrotechnician was carrying a trunk full of binary explosives. The two-part explosive is supposedly inert until mixed and requires a high-powered rifle round to detonate… but a fender bender later, Kaboom! it goes off! Could this really happen?

“Location, Location, Location!” (Wednesday, 10/19)

Talk to any of the Mythbusters team about what really makes a myth come to life and they’ll say the location is vital. In this special episode, the team declassifies their top dozen most beloved places and reveal the inside scoop on the Mythbusters‘ list of dangerous destinations! From Alameda to Africa, and from the desert to the deep blue sea, the whole team celebrates their favorite locations.

Check out the revamped Mythbusters intro, featuring The Dandy Warhols: