“Long Island Medium” Theresa Caputo talks to my dead mother, for real

I was about 15 minutes into my conversation with medium Theresa Caputo about her new TLC series Long Island Medium when my mom decided to show up.

Caputo interrupts my questioning with, “You’ve lost a lot of loved ones.”

I disagree, saying “I wouldn’t say a lot, but a few, yeah.”

She confidently asks, “Is your mom departed?”

“OK, that’s weird,” I think. After all, most people my age still have their mothers, so she really took a long shot throwing that one out there.  But, I acknowledge that my mother is indeed deceased.

Caputo goes on to explain that prior to answering my call she had written down a few things including my name, mother, daughter, young male, 4 and 62. She tells me there’s a “lot of energy” going on, and suddenly I get a little nervous, thinking this could be my doing. Although I didn’t tell Caputo, when I drove to work that morning I had actually talked to my mom in my head [and that’s something I just don’t do. I’m a bit skeptical on ghosts and spirits]. I simply thought, “Hey, if you want to reach out to me I’m talking to a medium today.” And that was it.

Caputo asks: “Where you at the actual passing of your mother because your mother showed me the holding of the hands, which means she wants to go back to the day of her passing. Were you actually there for that moment or did you just miss the passing?”

I gulp. It’s a sensitive topic for me, since I was the only family member who actually wasn’t there when she passed. So I tell her I was not.

Caputo says that my mother is validating that nothing was left unsaid and that “everything and anything you said to your mom was heard.” She then asks? “Whose birthday is now? If it’s not today or the week of it’s usually the month we are in.”

“That would be me,” I tell her. “OK,” Caputo says. “So your mom’s just wishing you a happy birthday.”

I give an uncomfortable laugh and jokingly ask Caputo to tell my mom to hush up, so I can get back to doing my job.

But Caputo — well, maybe it’s my mom —  isn’t quite finished. We go on to connect months and dates, discuss that “young male” reference, significance of April and more. She presses on with “Do you remember the year 62? Or could it stand for the month of June and the month of February as far as birthdays or anniversaries?”

“My mom was born in February, died in June,” I confirm.

“Perfect,” Caputo says. “Just validating your mother’s presence and that she took this opportunity. Spirits will take any opportunity to get a message to someone.” Then Caputo’s Long Island accent comes out as she describes my mom as a “chatty catty.” Glad, she’s having a good time.

“Whether you believe or understand what I do, and I don’t mean to be rude, but it really doesn’t matter,” Caputo says. “That’s not what this is about. This phone call is not about you believing in what I do. What just happened right now, what I interpreted it as a beautiful gift you just received from your mother. Knowing that even after all these years of her not being here in the physical world she hasn’t missed out on anything. She acknowledged your children, that she held the children before coming here in the physical world and she’s still with you, and loving and guiding you from the other side. Right?”

What a loaded thought. I pause. I collect my thoughts. “Did I tell her I had kids? Could this seriously be real?” And I simply say: “That’s awesome. Thank you.”

So add me to Caputo’s long list of clients who have been given the gift of closure. Now, as for my sister, she’s really ticked my mom didn’t even give her a shout out! She’ll have to join Caputo’s long waiting list and maybe we’ll here back from her in a few years.

 Long Island Medium airs on TLC Sundays beginning Sept. 25.

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  1. Ever sense I lost my dad, I lost who I was . He’s been gone over 17 years now. My son don’t talk to me up. All I really have are my cats. I lost 4 this year . Very lost ,but ok.

  2. Hi, i really need help my name is eden I’m contacting u because my grandma is having a really hard time. My grandpa died on January 1st 2013 nd my grandma is having a really hard time this Christmas nd i just was was woundering if u could help her see she is really religious nd since my papaw died she’s been reading this book that tells her that papaw dose not watch over her but i really want to believe that my papaw is there any way that u could come nd just try ns see what happens I’m just so sad for her because they were married over 40yrs ns they had never not been around eachother since papaws died my grandma has been put in a place at the hospital over night to try nd get help nd she says she just feels dead inside its like when papaw died he took her soul qith him my family needs help trying to give nanny some peace i just hop u can help us

  3. it would a miracle if I ever get a reading from Theresa caputo here I am writing this thinking she”ll get it,oh well nuttin wrong with wishing lol.i do love that woman tho,she is amazing!!

  4. I saw Theresa at the signing of her new book at Eaton’s
    Centre in Toronto yesterday. I want to thank Theresa for staying long enough to sign books after 1:00 pm.
    I was in one of the last groups. She is amazing!

  5. My Husband passed away on 06/02/13 at about 8 or 9 am. I tried to give him mouth to mouth and pound his chest nothing happened . We were in Va. for a family occasion. This happened at the hotel. I hope he knows I tried to save him. I never go to say goodbye and I hope he went peacefully. I miss him so much he was my whole life. I cry for him every night and I hope he will come and visit me.

    thank you

    I do believe I will see him again someday

  6. quisiera quedarme tranquila sabiendo que mi nieto no esta molesto cnmigo ya que a lo mejor yo podria haber echo algo mas con el cuando se enfermo ya que el fallecio hace tres años en santiago de Chile, lo echo mucho de menos quisiera abrazarlo , estamos muy triste con su partida , por favor si le puedo ayudar adecirle algo sobre el digame, necesito que me diga si esta bien gracias siempre veo su programa y me emociona mucho, me gustaria conocerla en persona pero se que es muy dificil . gracias gracias.

  7. Please help me with the death of my mom and brother. I want to see if you can hear them

  8. Donde , se puede hacer , una cita, con la Sra. Theresa Caputo.o que hago, para que se comuniquen , conmigo. Ya que tengo desde hace 45 años, una duda , que no nos deja estar en paz.Es una Hermana quefallecioi, rrepentinamente, y fuera de su familia, se fue a otro Estado, con su esposo y dos hijos de 5 y 2 años, y nunca nos dijo el Sr. como fallecio. QUEREMOS , SU AYUDA , ya que , sus restos, no sabemos , donde quedaron.Espero en DIOS , pueda ayudarnos. Muchas Gracias.

  9. I would love to have a reading with Theresa, so much that I really can’t get into on facebook but sad very sad things have happen and our family are looking for answers.It would mean the world to our family and also may help the family.The family watches you when ever you are on,we are also going to the Mohegan to see her,hope she reads one of us.We all love you Theresa and you have helped so many people.We will see you soon at the show at the mohegan Casino.The family is desperate for a reading and maybe you can answer some the things that are breaking our hearts.Thank YOU.

  10. Theresa,I’m far from being a …medium….closer to a large.Both my parents have passed,my father in 1986,my mother in 2008.In April of 2013 both appeared to me in my apt.in Hell hole Winnipeg Canada.While I watched them both,a horizational flame is the only way to describe it came passing through,for what ever reason,I grew afraid,mostly not knowing the outcome so I forced myself to wake up,can you give me any thoughts on this.Hope this finds you and yours in good health,looking forward to your responce if any thank you

  11. My mom has been deceased over 12 years. She has come to me in visions usually when I’m creaming at night. I can fill her when she’s around me and my kids. I can also smell her perfume and have seen shadows of her walking towards my house.

    I work in the hospital and I am one of the very few who see and hear what I see and hear in the hallways.

    Occasionally I get these premonitions and they are actually on the mark.

    My question to you is… I just recently moved and I reside on the third floor away from any headlights traffic or shadows away from any place across from me. Three times I have noticed a black shadow from the corner of my eyes walking across the wall. Is that an EVIL SPIRIT as depicted on my findings from the Internet ? I did have a recent death in the family last week. Plus I have a friend in hospice and will be dying in a day now.

    Please help as I don’t know what this is? Any words of wisdom would be appreciated.

    Please validate for me that I am not going crazy I need to be put on medication.

  12. theresa caputo preciso muito de voce entre em contato por favor a 21 anos estou esperendo.



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