Interview with “Long Island Medium” Theresa Caputo on new TLC series

Long Island Medium Theresa CaputoTalking to dead people is just an average day for Theresa Caputo. The Long Island, New York, housewife/medium doesn’t know why she’s been given this gift, but she certainly is using it as best as she can. Caputo is a psychic medium who spends her days and evenings helping people find closure and connecting them to loved ones they have lost.

She’s never read a spiritual book. Doesn’t watch all those “I see dead people” movies. Nor does she follow paranormal stories or other mediums.

“I’m a very sheltered person,” she tell us.

Caputo’s built her business on reputation alone and has a waiting list that starts taking new appointments first in January 2013. And the wait is only going to get longer.

TLC cameras capture her work in a new series titled Long Island Medium. I caught up with Caputo to discuss her new series and what it’s like to be a psychic medium. Despite the interruption from my deceased mother  [see separate blog  Theresa Caputo talks to my dead mother], Caputo was forthcoming with her gift and how’s she sharing it with others.

Discovering her gift began with the feeling of not belonging… “I was in therapy. The therapist would tell me ‘Theresa there’s nothing wrong with you.’ And I’d say, ‘I don’t feel right.” I always had this feeling of I didn’t feel right. Like I didn’t belong. I can’t explain it, it was like something is missing. I have my parents. I still have grandparents from the physical world. I had the most amazing childhood so blessed to have the family I have. My husband survived a brain tumor. I have two beautiful children so you would think that I have it all, why would you feel something is missing? It was my spiritual gift. It was my spiritual journey and path that I was missing. It had to do with my soul. It had nothing to do with anything else. Because once I accepted my gift that feeling went away. And I had that feeling for most of my life but could never understand it.”
Long Island Medium Theresa CaputoAccepting and understanding her gift was a journey… “I had been suffering from anxieties for many years, went to many doctors and things like that. My mom had asked her friend who is a spiritual healer to work on me, do a little healing energy to try and figure out what was going on and she had immediately picked up it was spirits. It was spirits trying to communicate to me, so I immediately became freaked out by that. ‘What do you mean? How could that be?’ I struggled for many years going back and forth with it.  I attended a spiritual class where I learned what was happening to me and they were showing me how to communicate through a spirit.”

Caputo feels and hears spirits… “For me I feel spirit. I don’t see the way we see here in the physical world. When I say I hear them I can’t explain it. I hear them but I really don’t. It’s more like a feeling for me. What was happening to me was that I could be in a store and I could be standing next to a woman and her husband passed of a heart attack. I would feel as if someone was laboring my breath, like I couldn’t breath. That’s my symbol for someone passing by the heart, chest, lung area when they labor my breathing. So that was happening to me and I didn’t know what that was. I’d be in the store and all of a sudden I couldn’t breathe for no reason. So what I learned through meditation was what the feelings meant. You’ll even see me now, if I do a reading, I take a gasp for air and I won’t freak out I’ll ask who passed from the chest and you can actually see them labor my breathing.”

Long Island Medium Theresa Caputo

For more information on how to contact Theresa Caputo, see related blog.

Caputo experiences how a person died… “They will bring me through their passing. So if someone has a question of someone’s passing, I’ll say to them ‘Look, do you really want to know what happened because they’re going to bring me through it and I’m going to have to go through it? I’ll kind of feel certain things, so if there was a blow to the head, for a split second, I’ll feel like someone whacked me in the back of the head. I can’t explain it, It’s odd. It’s not scary because I know what it is now, but I’m able to control it now. I know what the symbols and signs mean.”

It took Caputo a long time to say “I’m a medium”… “Really to be honest with you, the past two years I really started feeling comfortable that when people ask me what do I do for a living that I say ‘I’m a medium.’ You say that to people and right away they think I’m a fortune teller or I’m reading their mind or I know what they’re thinking. It’s not like that. It took me a long time. There would be people I’d say that to and they would be like  ‘Oh, that’s weird” or ‘She’s a weirdo, I’m not talking to her.’ It’s a topic of conversation but people are uncomfortable with death. It took me a long time to say ‘I’m a medium’ or to hand out my business card to people.”

Spirits reach out to people who need them… “It amazes me for every reading I do. People who come to the events that I host and they aren’t expecting to be read, and they are the first ones that get read. You know. Because it’s always about what we need. … What I learned about being a medium — people leave the physical world a lot of times in a very tragic way and we might be wondering if they are at peace. Or if they are OK. What a beautiful gift of knowing they are at peace, and I don’t think you can put a price on peace and comfort, you can’t.”

Caputo considers herself a vessel for the spirits… “I really don’t think it’s me. I really believe I’m just a vessel that allows them to do it. A lot of times a spirit will just validate for the person I’m reading what’s going on around them, what they are experiencing is real. And here I am able to validate that for them. I’m just a vessel that can validate for them that they are still with us.”

It’s hard for Caputo to shut it off… “Technically, I could turn it off if I choose but how do you, it’s there, it’s just who I am. And that’s just how I look at it.”

Spirits don’t always take their turns, a lot can come at her at a time…“Well you know what, that’s what just happened. You kind of just bounce back and forth until they kind of get settled. Sometimes the people I’m reading are nervous. Sort of a lot of little things before we get started. Yes, things can get confused, and more than one souls do speak at one time. And you kind of got to settle them down a little bit.”

And, yes Channel Guide readers, spirits do hear you!… “Oh yeah, they hear me. They hear you!”

Communicating back to spirits has it challenges… “Umm, I know this is going to sound stupid but I can’t tell you. It just happens. How did this happen? I didn’t ask for what happened. It just happens. I know that sounds silly but like I don’t physically say, and you can witness it through the way I read, I don’t go ‘OK, wait a minute, let me ask them this. I may say ‘wait a minute’ because I’m telling them ‘you sit down, you go to the back to the room, you step forward.’ It’s almost just a subconscious thing that happens that I do. To be honest with you, I cannot explain it. I can’t. This is just the way that I am. It just happens.”

For more information on how to contact Theresa Caputo, see related blog.


  1. Hey there,

    I have lost family members before I was born or shortly after. My family always told me stories about them but I feel like I really have known them my whole life. I began having strange dreams a few years ago where this feeling actually intensified. I would often see them or speak to them. It was very hard to distinguish between dreams and wake. Now I’m 23 and the feelings I get when I talk to them is almost suffocating. Most recently I have strong intuition about other people and I am able to sense things that I am about to see happen (they come as a day dream where I zone out and minutes later it happens). I feel like I can’t think straight and have even gone to speak to a therapist. What helped you embrace the feelings or understand them???

  2. I weep the entire time I watch this show, I have no idea why. It’s wonderful… Theresa comes across as really down to earth. What a blessing to share your gift with so many people 🙂 I’m definitely a fan!

  3. After seeing the first two shows I am looking forward to seeing more and hope that the show runs for a long, long time.

    Recently someone I loved passed and her spirit contacted me to say she was fine and would see me again. I still miss her but there was a lot of closure. I believe it must be possible for some people to contact spirits, ourselves, when we are unable to see a professional medium. It is at least worth a try!

  4. I was very skeptical of mediums and had never even seen the show other than advertisements. I was just flipping through channels and happened to stop and watch your show. I sat there bawling on my couch and now I want to know how I can get a chance to talk to Theresa. I just hope that she can somehow see me in the near future. Or maybe somone will come through her and let her know that I need to talk to her. Thank-you!

  5. my nephew was found hanging in a tree several years ago . i need to know if it was murder or suicide i went to the scene and it looked verry suspicious. my sister is not taking it well so i need to know for her as well.

  6. I absolutley love your show and am an extremely huge fan ,Please come to me and give me a little bit of closure in my life Im begging you……..

  7. Hello Theresa please please contact me ,Ive had some really sad losses in my life and just wanted to hear that these people I miss so very much are ok and watching over all of us and are they happy and O its so hard please email me if you can Thamk you so much Theresa 🙂

  8. I’ve had very strong psychic ability/ including seeing spirits/getting direct messages through dreams. I know how she feels. I try to surpress this and a lot of times i get very direct messages through dreams. I really do enjoy helping people but I fid it kind of scary to get these messages while I am awake. I had a reading with John Edward and the first thing he told me was that I could do whaty he could do. I can give many examples of very direct psychic ability that has happened in my life. Trust me people, I believe this women is real/ I go through a lot of what she goes through. I am just not sure about enhancing this ability because I am somewhat scared of it.

    • I would be interested in emailing with Steve as he seemingly has a great natural medium ability.
      I have had a bad loss and Steve seems very natural and caring and authentic. Please email me Steve at the Email which I have provided

  9. Theresa is taking her time and energy (and it takes ALOT!) to help others with their closure!

    Theresa, if you are reading this, I know you know already, but do not listen to those that call you names. You are serving a needed and valuable purpose. We all need closure in the physical and spiritual worlds…you are providing that. There are so many, like me, that turn it off because they are afraid of the doors they may open. You have a gift, use it, it is what God gave you and that is OBVIOUS to me!

    Sending you All the LOVE and LIGHT of God possible!! NEVER CHANGE!

  10. I saw the show and thought it was great….It seems to be a gift and it is amazing…Do you know of other people around the country that also do what you do that you could reccomended to read????
    I am confident that you are going to be VERY busy!

  11. I have watched your show and quite interested in finding more about how to obtain more information regarding making an appointment and cost. I do not live in New York but might be willing to travel if I could afford your reading. Thank You very much and God Bless.

  12. Your show was wonderful. To see so many persons so emotional because they were feeIing so much peace after listening to you was amazing. I really need to see you and I will be more than happy to meet you in NJ or NY if you can make it there. I am sure you will get my email address, so let me know when, at least give me 3 choices (dates). I live in another State. Thank you and blessings.

  13. I enjoyed you TLC Show on Sunday 9/25/11……. I would like to know if you have physic line where people can call you. And do you travel to other states… Beacause I would love to see you.. I live in Miami Florida now. I was born and raceed in N.Y.C. Thank you for your time….. You are very blessed!!!!

  14. My comment is for Meg. I seriously wish you would reconsider your comment and insult to one of God’s children. Shame on anyone who would judge another and as harshly as you did to Theresa. She is bringing an inner peace and reassurance to so many who need comforted. God says in his word that he wants us to prosper and to live full and happy lives and what better way to do that than to use a gift that he has given. My wish for you is to find peace and love within yourself and to KNOW that God loves you very much and has His own gifts for you. Love and prayers to you Meg and may you realize your true path. God Bless…

    • I noticed she said she didn’t read any spiritual books and thats the problem with people today because they donot read Gods word which days to not function as psychics or mediums and the bible also tells you that the dead cannot communicate with the spirit and that you also must test the spirits that come to you. just to let you know the spirits you are actually communicating with are indeed demonic spirits who disguise themselves as the deceased and she is allowing herself to be used as a vessel for them to plot their wicked schemes

  15. You are a very good reader in mannerisms.You are a not a true physic. I saw the read you did- oops.You asked the right ?? I believe you are a good heart but your fneed for noteriety is not the sign of a true reader ….you are capitalising on your”Gift” Shame on you.I predict loss of your family and your friends due to your revealing peoples inner most feelings and secrets. AGAIN shame on you if you TRULY have the gift SHAME on you. Opportunistic bottom feeder.


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