How to contact Theresa Caputo, star of TLC’s “Long Island Medium”

Theresa Caputo, the star of TLC’s series Long Island Medium, says she was 28 when she was first introduced to the possibility that she was a medium. It took another five years for her to actually accept her gift.

“There’s a big difference from when I accepted it to who am I?” Caputo told us. She said she struggled with feeling, “I’m no different than anybody else. Why was I chosen to do this? Why is this my journey?”

The aftermath of 9/11 left her with clarity and a feeling of  purpose for what she calls her role in the physical world. Now Caputo spends her days and nights taking her clients on an emotional and spiritual journey with the afterlife. She helps people find closure and/or reconnect some with loved ones who have passed.


UPDATE 2/1/2013 – The BEST way to contact Caputo is through her new website:

Her phone number that was previously listed here is no longer in service, so we removed from the post. When we last talked to Theresa (January 2012), she told us the best way to reach her is via her new website at This was an update to what TLC previously provided ( That email address we have tried and have never gotten a response. Her wait time is over two years at this point, due to the popularity of the show.

Surprisingly, Caputo has built her career on word of mouth only and has done little to no marketing. When asked if she’s ready for what a TV series will bring as far as popularity, Caputo says: “Absolutely not. I still think this is like a school project. It’s so not reality yet for me. My life is overwhelming as it is, as of right now, my waiting list to get an appointment is… I don’t have any availability until January 2013.”


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  1. Hello Ms. Caputo,
    I can wait for my turn to come up. I will call you tomorrow for a reading. I hope you could help me. I have been a clinician for 29 years now. I need to have a reading to see what comes up and if that could help me. I am looking for Freida , and many others who died from AIDS in the 1980s.I have done so much death and dying work for others.
    Thank you, Sue

  2. I would like to have a reading with Theresa.

    More importantly, my so Aaron lost his Canadain passport, and I am getting married October 8th, 2011. Are you able to tell me where he should look for this passport.

    Please, this is so very important for me.

  3. Hi i have been sick for a few yrs and i am young with small babies i was wondering if u might be able to help tell me what the cause is. The docotr keep running the test i tired and weak. Can u help? They have told me its small thing like cyst down to extreme like maybe cancer i just cant deal with anymore. I also have a question on my sons father.

  4. Hello Theresa,
    I am sure you get these pleas for help everyday, and I need to resolve some serious issues that I feel are effecting my health as well. I will do whatever, even if I have to wait, I would hope I could be patient, but you must know how anxious I am to be at peace. please contact me and help me, I am going to pray they give you a message to send to me with the answers I am desperately seeking. Thank You
    Barbara P

  5. I have lost many friends and family and I am struggling. I miss my best friend, brother, grandmother, grandfather, two cousins. I especially miss the first two and cant seem to get over and I need help. Can you help me please!

  6. I watched your show tonight.. I have lost all 4 grandparents and most recently my mother. While watching your show, I couldn’t help the feelings of sadness that overcame me. I truly wish you were in the Chicago area.. You truly have a gift!

  7. Hi Theresa,

    I just watched your show. I laughed and I cried really hard too. I believe in mediums. I believe I also have this gift too and I don’t understand it. I have no one to talk to about this. I did let myself go a few times and told people what they needed to know and it was pretty scary. I think people just don’t understand and look at you like your nuts. I would love to chat with you and maybe you can help me understand things a little bit better. God Bless you for all the wonderful things you do to help people. I hope your show stays on the air.

  8. I am looking for an appointment w/you please contact me as soon as possible….I have been very depressed and need some closure so I may be good for my three children…….

    Thank you

  9. Can you tell me how far do you travel for a house party, and how long is your waiting list? I would love to sceduale a booking . Thank you.

  10. hi theresa! i loved your show and i cried, Lol, and I cant wait to have a party with you as I am not that far away, I live in Mineola… I know exactly who brought you to me because she knows im struggling so much and honestly i never watch TLC, and the other night i saw the coming attractions and i knew it was meant for me to see your show. I will call you soon and schedule time… as i know its not humanly possible for you to respond to all of us posting here…ciao for now….and thank you….rie

  11. I have one important word for you ( help ) if you can do what you realy say you can the people I need to hear this message will hear my plea and erge you to contact me and know why I need this
    I am hopeing to hear from you soon
    thank you for this time and I am very sorry for my poor spelling but remain hopful

    yours hopfuly
    Lost in a sea of confusion
    and fear
    Crystal Barcklay

  12. My name is Brittney, Im 22 years old but my mother passed away literally a week after my 16th birthday. My mother passed away in 2005 and i wish i could contact her so much. the way she died id love to just find out why…I think about her each and everyday please help me.

    • Just think about what she would say to you like you are stronger than this. Just think of your favorites t moment with her and remember that she will always be in your heart. She also says that she wish it didn’t happen like this and she really misses you.

  13. Hi,
    I was just so surprised to hear my 92 year old mother’s name on TLC. My mom is still alive and thriving!!!! Love to send you a photo to let you see another Theresa Caputo. She is quite beautiful for her age and I can’t wait to tell her to tune in to TL and see you!!!!
    Best of Luck with your show,
    MaryAnn Roath

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