Tonight on “Downsized”: Laura Bruce faces the reality of her MS

On tonight’s all-new episode of WE tv’s Downsized, Laura participates in a charity run in support of people living with MS — the disease with which she was diagnosed six years before. But the sight of people driven into wheelchairs by multiple sclerosis forces the already stressed-out mom to face what the advance of the disease could do to her and how it will affect her family — and inspires her family to rally in support of her.

Watch “Run For Your Life” tonight at 9pm ET/8pm CT on WE tv.

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  1. You know I am a single mom, I get really tired of this family complaining always on TV about there woe’s, I have MS, and 2 kids, also mood disorders, and on disabliity, OMG, how terrible for them, they got a huge home, mine is 100 years old, yea… also I did go to college, was a RN , so its not like I didnt have good intensions for my life and kids but ….. happens. They don’t know how lucky they are, really try too seek out real life reality of real american family stuggling for real??? I have too take care of everything with MS and mood disorders. and im not being paid too tell america.

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