Have two hours? See “History of the World in Two Hours”

You could do a whole lot worse than to spend your Sunday night checking out the entire history of our so-great-yet-so-small planet. Sunday, Oct. 2, to be precise, H2 will present History of the World in Two Hours, tracing the story of us and this stone we inhabit in space from the time of the Big Bang to the dawn of life, from the Precambrian through the Mesozoic eras and up to what we know as human civilization today. And it will all unfold in a minuscule 120 minutes.

Every beat in the story will present a connection from the distant past to our world as we know it today, connecting us and the world we feel we’ve made to the history that has helped shape all of it, and us.

Told in a thrilling, fast-paced style, the film hits the highlights of our planet’s widely varied story, examining the Big Bang, the birth of our solar system, the emergence of life, the downfall of the dinosaurs, the rise of primates, the epic journey of Columbus, the invention of the steam engine and much more. But most importantly, it will show how so
many of these events are improbably connected, from the 50-million-year-old seashells that now make up the Great Pyramids of Egypt to how grass was responsible for the primates learning to walk upright.

Premieres Sunday, Oct. 2 on H2, and Thursday, Oct. 6 on History.


  1. To ‘Susan is ignorant’, based on your premise, then nothing written, nothing seen, nothing heard, nothing touched can be real or true – life or death – it’s all in your mind. One day you will wake up and find that the written history of one man, Jesus, is true and all that He said & did is true and did happen. With all the wonders of what we exprience with our senses, none of of these things can ever ‘be’ without a designer. You would rather think books are created when printing presses explode. The show gave me positive affirmation that there is a God, no matter how much they got certain parts wrong. Once they got past all the ‘how earth and man came into being’ stuff, the rest was just good ‘ol human history.

  2. A great show and a great demonstration that Mankind
    is finally coming of age to the point where it can fully
    comprehend its experience in an enlightened and
    enlightening way!

    Reminds me when I requested that THE GREAT COURSES company should publish a course called
    AND TECHNOLOGY! This program goes a long way
    towards filling that bill and then some!

  3. Anyone interested in this conversation should check out “Flock of Dodos”, a documentary made by an evolutionary biologist that investigates the origins of the creationist or intelligent design movements. He does a nice job of not laughing at their logic, or lack thereof, and basically concludes that these people are, in general, just normal good people that have chosen to believe a flawed line of thought. While their belief, on its own, is harmless, they are dangerous in that they attempt to have this false science put in text books and taught in our schools.

    “Becoming Human” was also a well done documentary. Anyone that doesn’t believe in evolution after hundreds of years of archaeological study, our ability to map and compare dna, carbon dating, etc., is just sticking their head in the sand in an effort to deny reality.

  4. David, first of all it’s “divine” not “devine.”

    Secondly, if you understood satire, you’d most certainly comprehend that I was NOT watching the show for “divine guidance.”

    Of course “we can all have our own thoughts and beliefs” except that science isn’t a “belief.” It’s a process by which the world and the universe around us is explained through exploration, EVIDENCE and rationale. Creationism and Evolution are not equal “beliefs” since Evolution has been proven over and over again through the hundreds of thousands of fossils that scientists and students have made the effort to find and analyze. Creationism is the extension of folklore and as such, people are entitled to it as much as they’re entitled to stupidity or a gambling habit.

    But it strains acceptability when someone like Susan condemns a show like this because she feels entitled to drape her ignorance over everybody else, while refusing to gain any insight from the enormous body of discovery that others have made the effort to learn.

    Susan simply chooses not to think (I suppose since thinking requires exertion of sorts) and thus like so many people, lazily comes to the conclusion that everything in the Bible is “fact.”

    Asking the rest of us to tolerate her lack of thinking and to give her “beliefs” equal weight, without question, is an outrageous act of arrogance and stupidity.

    So no, I will not “relax” thank you.

  5. susan from your comments you truly are an idiot! when I read the bible I didn’t “turn it off when I didn’t agree with something.” why do all tv programs have to have a religious overtone? the wonder of being human means we can have our own beliefs. and the great thing about being american is that we can say and believe whatever we want, what is even better is that we don’t have to listen to you!

  6. Michael, for all of us who are not spiritual saviors like yourself the show was very educational and entertaining. I don’t watch TV for devine guidance maybe you do.

  7. Michael, relax, the reason we are all here is because we can have our own thoughts ands beliefs…we can’t all be as intelligent as you!
    If people want to find science or god or whatever they will. you are only the center of your own little universe!

  8. Susan, your God is disappointed, disgusted and enraged by your intellectual laziness and the sinful way you make no effort to understand “His” creation.

    Through a “chosen” branch of hominids, your God added a few more cubic centimeters of BRAIN–the brain you now hold in your head. Well, Susan, I’m afraid to report that your God is totally insulted by your idiocy and finds you arrogantly shunning His gift of intelligence bestowed upon our species.

    For your insult to our Lord, your skin will blister and bubble, eternally in the fiery pits of Hell.

    I’m so sorry for your lack of salvation Susan. You inherited a brain through DNA replication and Natural Selection, yet you let this brain sit idle and rely on a book of folklore rather than bothering to learn from others who use their gift of brains from your Lord.

    Poor, poor stupid Susan.

  9. Not once in the two hour history of the world was the word hemp mentioned. That was an unfortunate oversight in that hemp has played such a significant part in the growth of humanity over the last 5,000 years of recorded history. It was a major food source, fuel source, fiber source, medicine source and is considered to be the first cultivated crop in human history. There exists a school of thought that the major advances in human innovation might well have resulted from the mind altering effects of hemp/cannabis. Too bad such a significant contributor to our civilization was overlooked.

  10. Living forms just happen. Upright monkeys become tan men with underpants. The Western World goes about its business without Jesus. Poor.

  11. Susan you have no idea that humans like to write books(like the bible) answering questions about things that we cannot explain because as humans we try to find any means of giving human life a meaning. What makes us different from any other organism other than our perception of time and reality? Who knows how many times the big bang happened and in our time the elements formed just right so that earth was made into an oxygen based planet. Who knows if there are planets out there with hydrogen based life forms. I hate how humans automatically assume that if something is beyond our knowledge that there are greater minds or god that created it. Look at all ancient civilizations that believed in so many different gods. We as humans need to realize that its up to us to prevent our planet from being destroyed by US! It is hard to comprehend these things because when the human mind first evolved we slowly lost our comprehension of our mortality and fate when we die so we invented something called RELIGION. to.

  12. I didn’t like how the show completely cut out creationism or the idea of Intelligent Design. The history of the world….how you see it develop is a scientific theory that can no more be proven than God spoke it into existence. So this is what all our generation of kids get? That we are formed from stars that just happen to do all these things by chance??? UNBELIEVABLE!! No that is but ONE theory. I do NOT appreciate how they presented it in a very biased fashion. That will NOT do well for any youngsters who may want to seek God for their belief or comfort. I was further appalled and annoyed at the one speaker who actually mocked the Bible and said… “Let there be Light” when he referred to the stars forming or some such nonsense. Well yeah if God caused that to happen….then that would serve to confirm accounts of the Bible wouldn’t it?
    After watching that very biased drivel for 30 minutes I just had to turn it off. I shudder to think what nonsense they presented on the “theories” of how man was formed. *gasp* And did they even explore the importance of religion and faith in our culture and how that has impacted our society? I may never know because I doubt I will turn it back on to finish watching it.

    • Good news:

      First of all, just a reminder that History of the World in Two Hours also premieres this Thursday on History. (It premiered last night on H2 — formerly History International.)

      Re: The DVD: According to the folks at History, History of the World in Two Hours will be available from the History shop at their website “IN ABOUT 2-3 WEEKS.” (Oct. 18-25? Somewhere in there.) Try checking in here sometime about then:


    • Just to clarify: We’re simply informing you of the show’s airing — we don’t actually produce the show here, or have anything to do with the production of DVDs of the shows about which we write. That said, I’ll try to find out if/when a DVD will be available for “History of the World in Two Hours,” as it seems a likely candidate.

  13. I ABSOLUTELY have to have this on DVD, WHAT A LEARNING TOOL and great food for thought not only for children but for everyone else !!!!!!!


  14. I absolutely concur with the comment above, and couldn’t say it better myself!

    I am sure this will be a very popular DVD! Please let us know when this is available. Thank You!

  15. A lifetime of leaning available instantly. We need DVD copies and downloadable access to all of this information to show our children, our families and for anyone that we care about. This is an awesome quantity of information that is so easy to understand that all you have to do is watch and listen and anyone interested in the history of the world will then be full of knowledge that would usually take lifetimes to gather and the more lifetimes to understand what it all means. The format that has been provided in your documentary is definitely the absolute best production in full color with maps and living pictorials of the history of the world. You simply don’t need anything else to teach this history. Any more than this such as class room trips only provides an example of perhaps depth and size and proportions to those young enough to not yet be able to perceive these facts.

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