“Melissa & Joey” season finale turns up the romantic tension

There comes a time in every Who’s the Boss?-type relationship when a man and woman have to finally confront their feelings for each other. That time has come for Melissa & Joey at the end of their first season together. In tonight’s back-to-back episodes, Joe finds himself coming into some money by his previous employer, which allows him to quit his “manny” job. The prospect of Joe moving out makes Mel and Joe realize they may have more than just friendly feelings toward each other. Lest all that romantic tension get to be too much for you, there are some home-improvement high jinks thanks to a leaky ceiling that proves to be a bigger problem than anyone anticipated.

Whatever is decided, fans will get a chance to catch up with the characters when they return in 2012.

Melissa & Joey airs tonight at 8pm on ABC Family.

Photo: © 2011 Disney Enterprises, Inc. Credit: Randy Holmes