SOAPnet to air weekend of classic “All My Children” episodes

As the countdown continues until September 23, when ABC ends the television run of the daytime drama All My Children after 41 years, its sister network, SOAPnet, will celebrate the series with a two-day marathon of classic episodes, September 17 from 7pm-midnight ET/PT, and September 18 from 5pm-midnight ET/PT.

The September 17 marathon is themed, “I Love Lucci,” and highlights some of Erica Kane’s (Susan Lucci) memorable moments, while the September 18 marathon, called “All My Children: Last Chance for Romance,” showcases seven of Pine Valley’s most beloved couples: Cliff and Nina, Jenny and Greg, Tad and Dixie, Ryan and Gillian, Leo and Greenlee, Zach and Kendall, and Angie and Jesse.

Here’s the schedule; all times ET/PT:


7pm — Tom furiously ends his marriage to Erica when he discovers she’s secretly been taking birth-control pills. Also: Langley tries to convince Myrtle they’ve never met before. (Original airdate: November 27, 1979)

8pm — Erica gives a shocking speech when she accepts the Media Woman of the Year award while high on pills. Also: After Lamaze class with Edmund, Kelsey thinks she’s going into labor; Janet panics when she learns Amanda has pneumonia. (Original airdate: January 19, 1996)

9pm — Erica is in denial when Bianca announces she’s gay. Also: Ryan and Gillian spend a special Christmas together; Mateo is upset when Hayley wants to turn herself in to the police for killing her mother; Tad and Dixie celebrate the holiday together despite Leslie’s efforts. (Original airdate: December 22, 2000)

10pm — Erica implores Bianca to come out of her coma. It’s a Christmas miracle when Bianca then opens her eyes and Erica reunites her with baby Miranda. Also: J.R. is furious with Adam for the loss of Bess and tells him he’s no longer his father. (Original airdate: December 27, 2004)

11pm — Surrounded by their families, Erica and Jackson are married in Boca Raton. (Original airdate: May 24, 2005)


5pm — Cliff and Nina are married in a fairy-tale wedding. Also: Pregnant with Cliff’s baby, Sybil is not happy about his marriage to Nina; Tom and Erica fight when she has to attend a business dinner on their anniversary. (Original airdate: September 3, 1980)

6pm — In front of family and friends, Jenny and Greg are married. Also: Palmer discovers the truth of why the Chandlers have come to Pine Valley; Adam sets his sights on Erica. (Original airdate: February 14, 1984)

7pm — When Tad finally convinces Dixie he’s alive and on the other side of the door, the two are joyfully reunited. Also: Hayley and Charlie find Brian and Junior on the run; Opal and Palmer are reunited with Junior. (Original airdate: March 4, 1993)

8pm — Ryan and Gillian share a romantic wedding filled with surprises. Also: Leo and Greenlee have a last-minute change in plans when he remembers he has the wedding rings; while on the witness stand, David admits his guilt about the drugs to Dixie. (Original airdate: April 9, 2001)

9pm — Leo and Greenlee are married in an intimate wedding in the boathouse. Also: Anna and David debate whether to tell Greenlee that her father has been shot; Tad and Brooke try to find Maria. (Original airdate: July 15, 2002)

10pm — Romance is in the air as Zach and Kendall prepare to divorce in the Caribbean. Also: J.R. tries to warn Jamie about Amanda; Babe visits Josh at work and Erica kicks her out of her studio. (Original airdate: December 15, 2005)

11pm — A stunned Angie and Jesse share an emotional reunion at the train station. Also: Erica is arrested at the fashion show she’s hosting; Greenlee tells Aidan that Kendall may be pregnant. (Original airdate: February 18, 2008)