Discovery Channel’s “Carfellas” sell used cars the tough-guy way

by Karl J. Paloucek

Once upon a time, tough guys joined the Marines or got hired as muscle by the mob, and were reputed to be very protective of their mothers. These days, tough guys get reality shows. Whether they’re deep-sea fishermen, ice-road truck drivers, pawn-shop owners, loggers or the guys who park your cars, they’re all over the place on TV. And three more just joined the bunch.

Discovery Channel‘s Carfellas centers on Mike DeLucia, a reformed convict who, with his crew, Tommie and Mario, runs Mikey D’s used car dealership in Amityville, Long Island. Of course, these three are characters, or they wouldn’t be on TV. As the namesake of the place, Mike runs the lot and keeps one eye on his guys as he uses the other to watch the inventory and keep things moving. Mario is the ace appraiser of the bunch, who has that talent of knowing a car’s value just by giving it the once-over. And Tommie, AKA “5×5” — five feet tall and five feet wide, though that description could apply to all three of them — is the muscle of the operation, with known soft spots for Cadillacs, cannoli and cute girls.

Mike may have made some mistakes in his past, but he’s paid his debt to society and is
determined to make an honest living … in the used car business.

Catch a sneak peek of Carfellas on Discovery Channel this Monday, Aug. 29 at 10pm and 10:30pm ET, following a new episode of American Chopper.


  1. That show was completely aweful and the three wanna be tough guy losers on it need to go on diets. That fat little guy who thinks he’s jacked looks like Curly from the three stooges. I hope that this show is cancelled and hope that Discovery learns from this aweful mistake.
    With any luck they all sufer coronary distress and drop dead, the world would be better without them.

  2. I liked the show and looked forward to it .
    Who cares what the caracters looked like ,the show was funny, not comedy,just fun .
    I liked the direction it was going with the vintage and muscle cars .They should be given the time to make a go of it.
    They love thier heritage and Italian food ,I love mine in Texas and steak and potatoes!!!!!!!!!

  3. Doesn’t matter if they were somebodies or nobodies, I thought the show was funny. 3 fat guys insulting each other trying to make a living, I am sure there are plenty of places just like this, but not on tv. I am an ER nurse and see enough reality, they just have fun at work…

  4. so i guess the part about me saying i know for a fact he has slept with 16 and 17 year old girls and is completely full of it when he says he cares about his wife and kids was not posted… i do not care if he is “somebody” or not – i wish he was somebody so he could wind up being buried in the desert or something… 3 years fed time is a joke btw and he is probably a rat on top of it… i have said this to his face btw…

  5. Wow that was extreme. I Guarantee you would not say that to his face. Google him and do the math. Guessing your not NYC.. Keep running your mouth it will get you very far. Lol

  6. WOW…that was harsh. What’s with all the rage? And I happen to know Mike DeLucia, and would not use the words “nobody” oe “wannabe tough guy”. He did 3 years, and I would say that takes alot. You probably couldn’t handle 3 years of prison, you would never make it with such a shit stirring attitude. Take a chill pill and relax dude. jealousy is very unbecoming and unhealthy.

  7. Mike Delucia is a wanna-be tough guy – He is a nobody! NOBODY! never was – never will be! hes got the same connects every loudmouth Italian thinks they have! what a joke – hope your shows canceled and your wife takes the kids and leaves you if she hasn’t

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