“Downsized” Sneak Peek: Rex is in the hospital and Bailey’s in big trouble

As the premiere episode made plain, even though there’s a dab of cash in the Bruce family bank account, it doesn’t mean that they’re free from financial and familial drama.

After Rex’s “pyramid of Giza”-induced asthma attack results in a several-day hospital stay that the Bruce’s new insurance will likely not cover, Laura realizes that she was right and their finances aren’t stable enough to consider buying a home. She wants to cancel the bid she and Todd put on the fixer-upper Todd convinced her they could afford, but Todd believes he can make enough money to manage both.

In the meantime, Bailey’s new set of wheels inspires an independent streak that quickly morphs into a rebellious streak that causes her to butt heads with Todd and run her mouth at a local restaurant in a way that leads to blows.

Watch “Teenage Rampage,” the new episode of Downsized, tonight at 9pm/8 CT on WE tv.

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