2011 NFL TV schedule

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The 2011 NFL regular season kicks off on Thursday, Sept. 8, at 8:30pm ET,  in Green Bay, Wis., as the New Orleans Saints visit the Super Bowl champion Packers in Lambeau Field. Other Week 1 highlights include observances of the 10th anniversary of Sept. 11, 2001, when the New York Giants visit the Washington Redskins (FOX) and the Dallas Cowboys visit the New York Jets in the first Sunday Night game on NBC. ESPN’s Monday Night Football kicks off with a doubleheader on Sept. 12. A few more schedule notes and highlights, and the full TV schedule after the jump.

CBS again has AFC regional games on Sunday afternoons and the AFC playoff games.

FOX is back with Sunday afternoon NFC regional regular-season games and the NFC playoff games.

ESPN’s Monday Night Football begins Sept. 12 with a doubleheader featuring New England at Miami and Oakland at Denver. There is no Monday Night game in Week 17.

NFL Network returns with an eight-game schedule beginning Nov. 10. NFLN airs a Thanksgiving night game Nov. 24 as well as a Saturday night game on Dec. 17.

NBC has the NFL Kickoff game on Sept. 8, and Sunday Night Football games through the regular season. NBC also airs the wild card playoff games on Saturday, Jan. 7, the Pro Bowl on Sunday, Jan. 29, and Super Bowl XLVI from Indianapolis on Sunday, Feb. 5.

The NFL scheduled the bulk of Week 16 games on Christmas Eve, Saturday, Dec. 24. With one game scheduled for Christmas Day, Sunday, Dec. 25 (Chicago at Green Bay on NBC), there will be no flex schedule option in Week 16. Flex schedule weeks will be Weeks 10-15 and 17. NBC’s Sunday Night game in Week 17 is to be announced.

NBC airs Super Bowl XLVI from Indianapolis on Sunday, Feb. 5


(All Times Eastern. Not All Games Are Televised In All Areas. Check Local Listings For Games Available In Your Area. Local Blackout Restrictions Apply. Schedule Subject To Change.)

Week 1
Thursday, Sept. 8
New Orleans at Green Bay, 8:30pm (NBC)
Sunday, Sept. 11
Detroit at Tampa Bay, 1pm (FOX)
Philadelphia at St. Louis, 1pm (FOX)
Buffalo at Kansas City, 1pm (CBS)
Cincinnati at Cleveland, 1pm (CBS)
Indianapolis at Houston, 1pm (CBS)
Pittsburgh at Baltimore, 1pm (CBS)
Tennessee at Jacksonville, 1pm (CBS)
Atlanta at Chicago, 1pm (FOX)
Minnesota at San Diego, 4:15pm (FOX)
Carolina at Arizona, 4:15pm (FOX)
N.Y. Giants at Washington, 4:15pm (FOX)
Seattle at San Francisco, 4:15pm (FOX)
Dallas at N.Y. Jets, 8:20pm (NBC)
Monday, Sept. 12
New England at Miami, 7pm (ESPN)
Oakland at Denver, 10:15pm (ESPN)

Week 2
Sunday, Sept. 18

Cleveland at Indianapolis, 1pm (CBS)
Baltimore at Tennessee, 1pm (CBS)
Green Bay at Carolina, 1pm (FOX)
Oakland at Buffalo, 1pm (CBS)
Kansas City at Detroit, 1pm (CBS)
Jacksonville at N.Y. Jets, 1pm (CBS)
Tampa Bay at Minnesota, 1pm (FOX)
Chicago at New Orleans, 1pm (FOX)
Arizona at Washington, 1pm (FOX)
Seattle at Pittsburgh, 1pm (FOX)
Dallas at San Francisco, 4:05pm (FOX)
Houston at Miami, 4:15pm (CBS)
San Diego at New England, 4:15pm (CBS)
Cincinnati at Denver, 4:15pm (CBS)
Philadelphia at Atlanta, 8:20pm (NBC)
Monday, Sept. 19
St. Louis at N.Y. Giants, 8:30pm (ESPN)

Week 3
Sunday, Sept. 25

San Francisco at Cincinnati, 1pm (FOX)
N.Y. Giants at Philadelphia, 1pm (FOX)
Detroit at Minnesota, 1pm (FOX)
New England at Buffalo, 1pm (CBS)
Miami at Cleveland, 1pm (CBS)
Houston at New Orleans, 1pm (CBS)
Denver at Tennessee, 1pm (CBS)
Jacksonville at Carolina, 1pm (CBS)
Kansas City at San Diego, 4:05pm (CBS)
Baltimore at St. Louis, 4:05pm (CBS)
N.Y. Jets at Oakland, 4:05pm (CBS)
Green Bay at Chicago, 4:15pm (FOX)
Atlanta at Tampa Bay, 4:15pm (FOX)
Arizona at Seattle, 4:15pm (FOX)
Pittsburgh at Indianapolis, 8:20pm (NBC)
Monday, Sept. 26
Washington at Dallas, 8:30pm (ESPN)

Week 4
Sunday, Oct. 2

Washington at St. Louis, 1pm (FOX)
San Francisco at Philadelphia, 1pm (FOX)
New Orleans at Jacksonville, 1pm (FOX)
Carolina at Chicago, 1pm (FOX)
Buffalo at Cincinnati, 1pm (CBS)
Pittsburgh at Houston, 1pm (CBS)
Detroit at Dallas, 1pm (FOX)
Minnesota at Kansas City, 1pm (FOX)
Tennessee at Cleveland, 1pm (CBS)
Atlanta at Seattle, 4:05pm (FOX)
N.Y. Giants at Arizona, 4:05pm (FOX)
New England at Oakland, 4:15pm (CBS)
Denver at Green Bay, 4:15pm (CBS)
Miami at San Diego, 4:15pm (CBS)
N.Y. Jets at Baltimore, 8:20pm (NBC)
Monday, Oct. 3
Indianapolis at Tampa Bay, 8:30pm (ESPN)

Week 5
Sunday, Oct. 9

Cincinnati at Jacksonville, 1pm (CBS)
Tennessee at Pittsburgh, 1pm (CBS)
Kansas City at Indianapolis, 1pm (CBS)
Oakland at Houston, 1pm (CBS)
Arizona at Minnesota, 1pm (FOX)
New Orleans at Carolina, 1pm (FOX)
Seattle at N.Y. Giants, 1pm (FOX)
Philadelphia at Buffalo, 1pm (FOX)
Tampa Bay at San Francisco, 4:05pm (FOX)
San Diego at Denver, 4:15pm (CBS)
N.Y. Jets at New England, 4:15pm (CBS)
Green Bay at Atlanta, 8:20pm (NBC)
Monday, Oct. 10
Chicago at Detroit, 8:30pm (ESPN)
Byes: Baltimore, Cleveland, Dallas, Miami, St. Louis, Washington

Week 6
Sunday, Oct. 16

St. Louis at Green Bay, 1pm (FOX)
Philadelphia at Washington, 1pm (FOX)
San Francisco at Detroit, 1pm (FOX)
Buffalo at N.Y. Giants, 1pm (CBS)
Carolina at Atlanta, 1pm (FOX)
Jacksonville at Pittsburgh, 1pm (CBS)
Indianapolis at Cincinnati, 1pm (CBS)
Cleveland at Oakland, 4:05pm (CBS)
Houston at Baltimore, 4:05pm (CBS)
Dallas at New England, 4:15pm (FOX)
New Orleans at Tampa Bay, 4:15pm (FOX)
Minnesota at Chicago, 8:20pm (NBC)
Monday, Oct. 17
Miami at N.Y. Jets, 8:30pm (ESPN)
Byes: Arizona, Denver, Kansas City, San Diego, Seattle, Tennessee

Week 7
Sunday, Oct. 23

Washington at Carolina, 1pm (FOX)
Chicago at Tampa Bay, 1pm (FOX)
Seattle at Cleveland, 1pm (FOX)
Atlanta at Detroit, 1pm (FOX)
Denver at Miami, 1pm (CBS)
San Diego at N.Y. Jets, 1pm (CBS)
Houston at Tennessee, 1pm (CBS)
Pittsburgh at Arizona, 4:05pm (CBS)
Kansas City at Oakland, 4:05pm (CBS)
Green Bay at Minnesota, 4:15pm (FOX)
St. Louis at Dallas, 4:15pm (FOX)
Indianapolis at New Orleans, 8:20pm (NBC)
Monday, Oct. 24
Baltimore at Jacksonville, 8:30pm (ESPN)
Byes: Buffalo, Cincinnati, New England, N.Y. Giants, Philadelphia, San Francisco

Week 8
Sunday, Oct. 30

Indianapolis at Tennessee, 1pm (CBS)
Minnesota at Carolina, 1pm (FOX)
Jacksonville at Houston, 1pm (CBS)
New Orleans at St. Louis, 1pm (FOX)
Arizona at Baltimore, 1pm (FOX)
Miami at N.Y. Giants, 1pm (CBS)
Washington at Buffalo, 4:05pm (FOX)
Detroit at Denver, 4:05pm (FOX)
Cincinnati at Seattle, 4:15pm (CBS)
Cleveland at San Francisco, 4:15pm (CBS)
New England at Pittsburgh, 4:15pm (CBS)
Dallas at Philadelphia, 8:20pm (NBC)
Monday, Oct. 31
San Diego at Kansas City, 8:30pm (ESPN)
Byes: Atlanta, Chicago, Green Bay, N.Y. Jets, Oakland, Tampa Bay

Week 9
Sunday, Nov. 6

N.Y. Jets at Buffalo, 1pm (CBS)
Cleveland at Houston, 1pm (CBS)
San Francisco at Washington, 1pm (FOX)
Seattle at Dallas, 1pm (FOX)
Miami at Kansas City, 1pm (CBS)
Tampa Bay at New Orleans, 1pm (FOX)
Atlanta at Indianapolis, 1pm (FOX)
Cincinnati at Tennessee, 4:05pm (CBS)
Denver at Oakland, 4:05pm (CBS)
Green Bay at San Diego, 4:15pm (FOX)
St. Louis at Arizona, 4:15pm (FOX)
N.Y. Giants at New England, 4:15pm (FOX)
Baltimore at Pittsburgh, 8:20pm (NBC)
Monday, Nov. 7
Chicago at Philadelphia, 8:30pm (ESPN)
Byes: Carolina, Detroit, Jacksonville, Minnesota

Week 10
Thursday, Nov. 10

Oakland at San Diego, 8:20pm (NFL Network)
Sunday, Nov. 13
Houston at Tampa Bay, 1pm (CBS)
Pittsburgh at Cincinnati, 1pm (CBS)
Tennessee at Carolina, 1pm (CBS)
Denver at Kansas City, 1pm (CBS)
Jacksonville at Indianapolis, 1pm (CBS)
Washington at Miami, 1pm (FOX)
St. Louis at Cleveland, 1pm (FOX)
Arizona at Philadelphia, 1pm (FOX)
New Orleans at Atlanta, 1pm (FOX)
Buffalo at Dallas, 1pm (CBS)
Baltimore at Seattle, 4:05pm (CBS)
Detroit at Chicago, 4:15pm (FOX)
N.Y. Giants at San Francisco, 4:15pm (FOX)
New England at N.Y. Jets*, 8:20pm (NBC)
Monday, Nov. 14
Minnesota at Green Bay, 8:30pm (ESPN)

Week 11
Thursday, Nov. 17

N.Y. Jets at Denver, 8:20pm (NFL Network)
Sunday, Nov. 20
Cincinnati at Baltimore, 1pm (CBS)
Dallas at Washington, 1pm (FOX)
Jacksonville at Cleveland, 1pm (CBS)
Oakland at Minnesota, 1pm (CBS)
Tampa Bay at Green Bay, 1pm (FOX)
Carolina at Detroit, 1pm (FOX)
Buffalo at Miami, 1pm (CBS)
Arizona at San Francisco, 4:05pm (FOX)
Seattle at St. Louis, 4:05pm (FOX)
Tennessee at Atlanta, 4:15pm (CBS)
San Diego at Chicago, 4:15pm (CBS)
Philadelphia at N.Y. Giants, 8:20pm (NBC)
Monday, Nov. 21
Kansas City at New England, 8:30pm (ESPN)
Byes: Houston, Indianapolis, New Orleans, Pittsburgh

Week 12
Thursday, Nov. 24

Green Bay at Detroit, 12:30pm (FOX)
Miami at Dallas, 4:15pm (CBS)
San Francisco at Baltimore, 8:20pm (NFL Network)
Sunday, Nov. 27
Carolina at Indianapolis, 1pm (FOX)
Tampa Bay at Tennessee, 1pm (FOX)
Arizona at St. Louis, 1pm (FOX)
Buffalo at N.Y. Jets, 1pm (CBS)
Minnesota at Atlanta, 1pm (FOX)
Cleveland at Cincinnati, 1pm (CBS)
Houston at Jacksonville, 1pm (CBS)
Washington at Seattle, 4:05pm (FOX)
Chicago at Oakland, 4:05pm (FOX)
New England at Philadelphia, 4:15pm (CBS)
Denver at San Diego, 4:15pm (CBS)
Pittsburgh at Kansas City, 8:20pm (NBC)
Monday, Nov. 28
N.Y. Giants at New Orleans, 8:30pm (ESPN)

Week 13
Thursday, Dec. 1
Philadelphia at Seattle, 8:20pm (NFL Network)
Sunday, Dec. 4
Denver at Minnesota, 1pm (FOX)
Carolina at Tampa Bay, 1pm (FOX)
Atlanta at Houston, 1pm (FOX)
Indianapolis at New England, 1pm (CBS)
Oakland at Miami, 1pm (CBS)
Kansas City at Chicago, 1pm (CBS)
Tennessee at Buffalo, 1pm (CBS)
N.Y. Jets at Washington, 1pm (CBS)
Cincinnati at Pittsburgh, 1pm (CBS)
Baltimore at Cleveland, 4:05pm (CBS)
Green Bay at N.Y. Giants, 4:15pm (FOX)
Dallas at Arizona, 4:15pm (FOX)
St. Louis at San Francisco, 4:15pm (FOX)
Detroit at New Orleans, 8:20pm (NBC)
Monday, Dec. 5
San Diego at Jacksonville, 8:30pm (ESPN)

Week 14
Thursday, Dec. 8

Cleveland at Pittsburgh, 8:20pm (NFL Network)
Sunday, Dec. 11
Houston at Cincinnati, 1pm (CBS)
New England at Washington, 1pm (CBS)
Indianapolis at Baltimore, 1pm (CBS)
Kansas City at N.Y. Jets, 1pm (CBS)
Atlanta at Carolina, 1pm (FOX)
Minnesota at Detroit, 1pm (FOX)
Philadelphia at Miami, 1pm (FOX)
New Orleans at Tennessee, 1pm (FOX)
Tampa Bay at Jacksonville, 1pm (FOX)
Chicago at Denver, 4:05pm (FOX)
San Francisco at Arizona, 4:05pm (FOX)
Oakland at Green Bay, 4:15pm (CBS)
Buffalo at San Diego, 4:15pm (CBS)
N.Y. Giants at Dallas, 8:20pm (NBC)
Monday, Dec. 12
St. Louis at Seattle, 8:30pm (ESPN)

Week 15
Thursday, Dec. 15

Jacksonville at Atlanta, 8:20pm (NFL Network)
Saturday, Dec. 17
Dallas at Tampa Bay, 8:20pm (NFL Network)
Sunday, Dec. 18
Cincinnati at St. Louis, 1pm (CBS)
Tennessee at Indianapolis, 1pm (CBS)
Green Bay at Kansas City, 1pm (FOX)
Carolina at Houston, 1pm (FOX)
New Orleans at Minnesota, 1pm (FOX)
Seattle at Chicago, 1pm (FOX)
Washington at N.Y. Giants, 1pm (FOX)
Miami at Buffalo, 1pm (CBS)
Detroit at Oakland, 4:05pm (FOX)
N.Y. Jets at Philadelphia, 4:15pm (CBS)
New England at Denver, 4:15pm (CBS)
Cleveland at Arizona, 4:15pm (CBS)
Baltimore at San Diego*, 8:20pm (NBC)
Monday, Dec. 19
Pittsburgh at San Francisco, 8:30pm (ESPN)

Week 16
Thursday, Dec. 22

Houston at Indianapolis, 8:20pm (NFL Network)
Saturday, Dec. 24
Cleveland at Baltimore, 1pm (CBS)
Jacksonville at Tennessee, 1pm (CBS)
Minnesota at Washington, 1pm (FOX)
Denver at Buffalo, 1pm (CBS)
Oakland at Kansas City, 1pm (CBS)
Miami at New England, 1pm (CBS)
Tampa Bay at Carolina, 1pm (FOX)
N.Y. Giants at N.Y. Jets, 1pm (FOX)
Arizona at Cincinnati, 1pm (FOX)
St. Louis at Pittsburgh, 1pm (FOX)
San Diego at Detroit, 4:05pm (CBS)
San Francisco at Seattle, 4:15pm (FOX)
Philadelphia at Dallas, 4:15pm (FOX)
Sunday, Dec. 25
Chicago at Green Bay, 8:20pm (NBC)
Monday, Dec. 26
Atlanta at New Orleans, 8:30pm (ESPN)

Week 17
Sunday, Jan. 1

Tennessee at Houston, 1pm (CBS)
Detroit at Green Bay, 1pm (FOX)
Indianapolis at Jacksonville, 1pm (CBS)
N.Y. Jets at Miami, 1pm (CBS)
Washington at Philadelphia, 1pm (FOX)
Chicago at Minnesota, 1pm (FOX)
San Francisco at St. Louis, 1pm (FOX)
Carolina at New Orleans, 1pm (FOX)
Buffalo at New England, 1pm (CBS)
Pittsburgh at Cleveland, 4:15pm (CBS)
Baltimore at Cincinnati, 4:15pm (CBS)
Tampa Bay at Atlanta, 4:15pm (FOX)
Seattle at Arizona, 4:15pm (FOX)
San Diego at Oakland, 4:15pm (CBS)
Kansas City at Denver, 4:15pm (CBS)
Dallas at N.Y. Giants, 8:20pm (NBC)

Saturday, Jan. 7
AFC and NFC Wild Card Playoffs (NBC)
Sunday, Jan. 8
AFC and NFC Wild Card Playoffs (CBS & FOX)
Saturday, Jan. 14
AFC and NFC Divisional Playoffs (CBS & FOX)
Sunday, Jan. 15
AFC and NFC Divisional Playoffs (CBS & FOX)
Sunday, Jan. 22
AFC and NFC Championship Games (CBS & FOX)
Sunday, Jan. 29
AFC-NFC Pro Bowl in Hawaii (NBC)
Sunday, Feb. 5
Super Bowl XLVI in Indianapolis (NBC)

*Flex Schedule Week. Sunday games in Weeks 10-15 and 17 subject to change.

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