Jeff Mauro wins “Food Network Star” title, “Sandwich King” series

By Lori Acken

It was a charm-and-grace race to the finish for Chicago-based corporate chef and “Sandwich King” Jeff Mauro and sweetly spicy Colorado caterer Susie Jimenez — two of the most likable Food Network Star contestants in recent memory.

But in the end, it was Mauro whom  judges Bobby Flay, Giada DeLaurentis and network execs Susie Fogelson and Bob Tuschman felt would bring the most to the brand — and the best chance at the level of stardom achieved by Season 2 winner and network superstar Guy Fieri.

“Jeff has the perfect mixture of strong culinary chops, a breakout personality, and boundless food passion – a true triple threat we value in our stars,” said Tuschman, General Manager and Senior Vice President, Programming and Production, of Mauro’s Sunday night victory. “Jeff’s humor, warmth and smart ideas to make sandwiches into satisfying meals make him a perfect addition to join the Food Network family.”

Beginning August 21 at 11:30am ET/PT, all Food Network fans can hail “Sandwich King,” Mauro’s winning show idea which will feature the proud dad of 3-year-old Lorenzo creating sammies inspired by dishes from some of his favorite Windy City dining establishments, including the Peoria Packing Butcher Shop and the Isaacson & Stein Fish Market.

Superfans of  Next Food Network Star can also purchase the series’  first ever compilation book, FOOD NETWORK STAR: The Official Insider’s Guide to America’s Hottest Food Show, which hits bookstore shelves and online retailers today and offers an all-access pass to what goes on behind the scenes of their favorite show.

Today also marks the start of the publication’s cross-country book tour and signing, featuring  Mauro, Jimenez and their Season 7 costars Mary Beth Albright, Whitney Chen and Vic Moea (What?! No Penny Davidi?!!), sponsored by Harper Collins.


  1. I would just like to say that Jeff is defintely a natural and deserved to become a part of the Food Network Family. My sister and I made his Greek Tacos today and they were GREAT!!! They were better than most gyros I have had and I have had my share. Next weekend we are going to try another one of his recipes, one that he made on his debut show. If it is anything like the Greek Tacos I am sure that we will try MANY others. Not only did you find a star for the network – you also found a GREAT CHEF!!!! We will continue to watch his shows and follow his career with the Food Network.

  2. Watched first show today, missed begining……….please email me recipe for sweet peppers that Jeff made for Chicago Italian Beef. I am Chicago transplant now in southern California and miss my Itlalian Beef’s sooooooooooo bad.

    Please send…………..Thanks!

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