2011 NFL Preseason TV Schedule

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With the lockout forcing the cancellation of the Aug. 7 Hall of Fame Game, the NFL preseason now starts Thursday, Aug. 11, with the first live national TV game being Seattle at San Diego at 8pm ET on ESPN. Because NBC lost the Hall of Fame Game, the San Diego at Dallas game has been moved to Aug. 21 and will now air live on NBC at 8pm ET. In all, 17 preseason games will air live across CBS, FOX, ESPN, NBC and NFL Network. NFL Network airs every preseason game, with six live games and the remaining games airing on tape delay. The complete preseason TV live game schedule below, followed by NFL Network’s schedule of live games and first airings of tape-delayed games.

2011 NFL Preseason National TV Live Game Schedule

Preseason Week 1 (Aug. 11-15)
Aug. 11 — Seattle at San Diego, ESPN 8pm ET
Aug. 12 — Tampa Bay at Kansas City, FOX 8pm ET
Aug. 13 — Green Bay at Cleveland, NFL Network 7:30pm ET
Aug. 15 NY Jets at Houston, ESPN 8pm ET

Preseason Week 2 (Aug. 18-22)
Aug. 18 — Philadelphia at Pittsburgh, FOX 8pm ET
Aug. 19 — Atlanta at Jacksonville, FOX 8pm ET
Aug. 20 — New Orleans at Houston, NFL Network 8pm ET; Minnesota at Seattle, NFL Network 11pm ET (joined live in progress)
Aug. 21 — San Diego at Dallas, NBC 8pm ET
Aug. 22 — Chicago at NY Giants, ESPN 8pm ET

Preseason Week 3 (Aug. 25-28)
Aug. 25 — Washington at Baltimore, ESPN 8pm ET
Aug. 26 — Green Bay at Indianapolis, CBS 8pm ET
Aug. 27 — New England at Detroit, CBS 8pm ET
Aug. 28 — New Orleans at Oakland, NBC 8pm ET

Preseason Week 4 (Sept. 1-2)
Sept. 1 — Indianapolis at Cincinnati, NFL Network 7pm ET; Denver at Arizona, NFL Network 10pm ET
Sept. 2 — Oakland at Seattle, NFL Network 10:30pm ET



Thursday, August 11
11:00 PM – Baltimore Ravens at Philadelphia Eagles
Friday, August 12
4:00 PM – Jacksonville Jaguars at New England Patriots
11:00 PM – Denver Broncos at Dallas Cowboys
2:00 AM – Arizona Cardinals at Oakland Raiders
Saturday, August 13
7:00 AM – Seattle Seahawks at San Diego Chargers
10:00 AM – Cincinnati Bengals at Detroit Lions
1:00 PM – Miami Dolphins at Atlanta Falcons
4:00 PM – Pittsburgh Steelers at Washington Redskins
7:30 PM – Green Bay Packers at Cleveland Browns — LIVE
10:30 PM – San Francisco 49ers at New Orleans Saints
Sunday, August 14
10:00 AM – Minnesota Vikings at Tennessee Titans
1:00 PM – New York Giants at Carolina Panthers
7:00 PM – Buffalo Bills at Chicago Bears
10:00 PM – Indianapolis Colts at St. Louis Rams
4:00 AM – Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Kansas City Chiefs
Wednesday, August 17
7:00 AM – New York Jets at Houston Texans

Thursday, August 18
11:00 PM – New England Patriots at Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Friday, August 19
11:00 PM – Kansas City Chiefs at Baltimore Ravens
Saturday, August 20
7:00 AM – Philadelphia Eagles at Pittsburgh Steelers
1:00 PM – Carolina Panthers at Miami Dolphins
4:00 PM – Arizona Cardinals at Green Bay Packers
8:00 PM – New Orleans Saints at Houston Texans — LIVE
11:00 PM – Minnesota Vikings at Seattle Seahawks – [Join in progress]
Sunday, August 21
10:00 AM – Detroit Lions at Cleveland Browns
1:00 PM – Buffalo Bills at Denver Broncos
4:00 PM – Washington Redskins at Indianapolis Colts
11:00 PM – Oakland Raiders at San Francisco 49ers
2:00 AM – Atlanta Falcons at Jacksonville Jaguars
Monday, August 22
4:00 PM – Tennessee Titans at St. Louis Rams
11:00 PM – San Diego Chargers at Dallas Cowboys
Tuesday, August 23
8:00 PM – Cincinnati Bengals at New York Jets
Wednesday, August 24
1:00 PM – Chicago Bears at New York Giants

Thursday, August 25
11:00 PM – Cleveland Browns at Philadelphia Eagles
Friday, August 26
4:00 PM – Carolina Panthers at Cincinnati Bengals
11:00 PM – St. Louis Rams at Kansas City Chiefs
Saturday, August 27
7:00 AM – Washington Redskins at Baltimore Ravens
1:00 PM – Green Bay Packers at Indianapolis Colts
11:00 PM – Houston Texans at San Francisco 49ers
2:00 AM – Seattle Seahawks at Denver Broncos
Sunday, August 28
10:00 AM – New York Jets at New York Giants
1:00 PM – Chicago Bears at Tennessee Titans
4:00 PM – Atlanta Falcons at Pittsburgh Steelers
11:00 PM – Miami Dolphins at Tampa Bay Buccaneers
2:00 AM – New England Patriots at Detroit Lions
Monday, August 29
4:00 PM – Jacksonville Jaguars at Buffalo Bills
8:00 PM – Dallas Cowboys at Minnesota Vikings
11:00 PM – San Diego Chargers at Arizona Cardinals
2:00 AM – New Orleans Saints at Oakland Raiders

Thursday, September 1
7:00 PM – Indianapolis Colts at Cincinnati Bengals — LIVE
10:00 PM – Denver Broncos at Arizona Cardinals – LIVE

2:00 AM – San Francisco 49ers at San Diego Chargers
Friday, September 2
10:00 AM – St. Louis Rams at Jacksonville Jaguars
1:00 PM – Tennessee Titans at New Orleans Saints
4:00 PM – Philadelphia Eagles at New York Jets
8:00 PM – Dallas Cowboys at Miami Dolphins
10:30 PM – Oakland Raiders at Seattle Seahawks – LIVE
Saturday, September 3
7:00 AM – Detroit Lions at Buffalo Bills
10:00 AM – Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Washington Redskins
1:00 PM – Baltimore Ravens at Atlanta Falcons
4:00 PM – New York Giants at New England Patriots
8:00 PM – Pittsburgh Steelers at Carolina Panthers
11:00 PM – Kansas City Chiefs at Green Bay Packers
Sunday, September 4
7:00 PM – Cleveland Browns at Chicago Bears
10:00 PM – Houston Texans at Minnesota Vikings

* Live games on NFL Network and NFL Preseason Live will be blacked out when televised on local stations. Blackouts also may apply to preseason tape delay airings in home markets. NFL Preseason Live features all the preseason games except the 11 that are televised nationally by NFL network partners.

Photo: Credit: Jose Carlos Fajardo/Contra Costa Times/MCT

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