Nicollette Sheridan Headed To Ireland For Hallmark Channel’s Latest, Honeymoon for One

Honeymoon For One
Nicollette Sheridan loves to travel and see things she’s never seen, so when Hallmark Channel approached her to shoot one of its original films in Ireland, she just couldn’t say no.

In the film, Sheridan plays Eve Parker, a stressed-out ad exec whose 10-year relationship with her fiancé comes to a crashing halt when she finds out that he’s been cheating on her. With a nonrefundable plane ticket to Ireland burning a hole in her purse and a room booked at the castle resort owned by her fiancé’s company, she hops the pond on her own to get a start on a new life for herself. What she finds is nothing she ever expected — but could it be everything she’s ever hoped for?

In spite of having grown up in England and traveling the world over, Sheridan had never been to the Emerald Isle prior to filming. “It is stunningly beautiful,” she says. “Growing up in the countryside in England, it’s a wilder change.”

Faced with Eve’s circumstances, would she have taken the trip herself? “Very possibly, yes,” Sheridan offers. A self-professed adventurer, she’s seen and done things even well-seasoned travelers might think twice or three times before attempting. “I’m a big scuba diver, and I’ve been diving all over the world, from Truk Lagoon on the sunken Japanese warships to an incredible shark dive,” she says. “One of my greatest adventures was going to New Guinea and going up the Sepik River in a dugout canoe with a backpack and an umbrella. I spent about two weeks over there, and stayed with the natives in their huts.”

That’s a lot of rugged activity for someone who’s spent a lot of glamour time in front of the camera — and more so for someone who’s currently finishing up assembling her own lingerie line. “It’s very beautiful, and it’s something for everyone,” she says with pride. “I’ve been putting all the designs together based on all of my favorite pieces, and things that I think the lingerie world needs. I’m just about ready to partner up and get ready to launch,” she says. “Hopefully in the next year we’ll get that out.”

By then she’ll probably be on safari.

Honeymoon for One premieres on Hallmark Channel Aug. 13.