A fan’s take on “Giuliana & Bill”

All reality shows have their loyal followers, but it’s not always easy to determine what it is about certain programs like Style’s Giuliana & Bill that makes them register with viewers.

With that in mind, we decided to go directly to the source on this one. And not to pat ourselves on the back too much, but we’re happy to report that we managed to land an exclusive interview with one of the show’s biggest fans.

Okay, in full disclosure we must admit that Blanca Guzman is the director of audience development for Channel Guide Magazine and this website, but we still greatly value her opinion — especially since she got to meet Bill and Giuliana at a TV convention in Chicago last month (pictured here). So, with Season 4 of Giuliana & Bill premiering at 8pm ET tonight, here is her insight.

Channel Guide Magazine: What draws you to this show?
Blanca Guzman: Honestly, my main reason for watching Giuliana & Bill is Bill Rancic. I have been a fan since he won the first season of NBC’s show The Apprentice a few years ago. I barely knew who Giuliana Rancic was other than anchoring a celebrity news segment on E!, although I got to quickly like her once I started watching the show.

Channel Guide Magazine: What makes it different than other reality shows out there?
Blanca Guzman: For me, I think it’s a combination of their unique lifestyle (traveling back and forth between Chicago and L.A.) and how wholesome Bill and Giuliana are as a couple in comparison to all other reality shows out there. Their personalities seem genuine and their problems and way of addressing them seem relatable to me. Plus, there is no crazy drama or outrageous behavior, which makes the show enjoyable to watch every time.

Channel Guide Magazine: How would you describe your fascination with Bill and what makes him special to you?
Blanca Guzman: Since The Apprentice, I’ve been impressed with Bill’s entrepreneurial spirit, straight-forward attitude and charisma. All this, coupled with his good looks, hooked me into checking out his show with Giuliana a few years later. I admire and like how well-traveled he is, and how down-to-earth and practical he appears to be. I also like how he treats Giuliana and everyone else he meets.

Channel Guide Magazine: What are your feelings about Giuliana in terms of her relationship with Bill?
Blanca Guzman: I think she is a good match for Bill. They make a great pair mainly because she seems as straightforward, communicative and receptive to criticism as he is. Also, they seem to genuinely enjoy being with each other and are respectful to each other which, in my book, are all good things that should make a relationship last.

Channel Guide Magazine: What was your impression of them after meeting them in person in Chicago?
Blanca Guzman: I was surprised to see how much time and interest they took in meeting each fan that went up to them for an autograph. They were both very approachable and exactly as they are on the show, which was wonderful to see and experience. Bill looked very handsome in person and was taller than I imagined. Giuliana, while pretty, looked extremely thin, which was uncomfortable to see.

Channel Guide Magazine: Will you watch the show differently now that you met them in person?
Blanca Guzman: Absolutely. They left such a positive impression on me when I met them, and I will most definitely watch their show again.