“Home By Novogratz” brings “9 By Design” family to HGTV

Stars of reality series switching shows and networks isn’t uncommon. Paris Hilton might be on E! one year, then Oxygen the next. And who knows when and where an old Real World star might show up? Going from Bravo to HGTV, however, is more of a oddity. But Bob and Cortney Novogratz say the change suits them just fine.

The New York-based designers broke into television with last year’s 9 By Design, which showcased the work they do with their celebrated Manhattan design firm, Sixx Design, as well as their home life raising seven children. They’re back this year with a new show, Home By Novogratz.

Asked what is different this time out, the Novogratzes, who responded to questions via email, say their new show has a different focus. “Home By Novogratz is all about design and way less about family, which 9 By Design was. … The main story here is makeovers done quickly with lots of takeaway ideas for the audience.”

But don’t worry, fans of Wolfgang, Tallulah, Bellamy, Breaker, Five, Holleder and Major. The uniquely monikered Novogratz kids do show up “here and there,” the couple says.

Other changes include each episode running only a half-hour, which makes for a breezy, satisfying makeover show. The producers are the same as 9 By Design, and that has helped the family feel more at ease with the transition, and with their decision to stay in TV overall. So far, they’ve avoided the marital strife that plagues so many reality couples, and the Novogratzes even say that their “business has boomed.”

Home By Novogratz premieres at 10pm Saturday on HGTV.